Upcoming Events


Warsaw, Poland - Sept 6 -10*, click here for details

Skanderborg, Denmark - Sept 15 - 17, click here for details

Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 6 - 8, click here for details

* This Country has other events and might not follow the same 3 day schedule

The Year of Awakening ....... 3 days, 2 workshops, 1 goal

Following Your Call to Light - Rediscovering Your Essential Self

Many of us are ‘Light Keepers,’ following an inner ‘Call to Light’ throughout our incarnations. Our modern world distracts us and sometimes drowns out our inner voice. Yet, even while battling self-doubt, we continue to propel ourself forward, opening our hearts and souls. We seek answers to the questions: “What is my essence? What am I here to create? How can I serve the Light?”

This is the time in humanity’s spiritual evolution when you’re ‘Call to Light’ is singing in your soul—drawing forth your unique Truth, your power, your beauty.

Multi-Dimensional Mastery~Living a Greater Life

A 'MARK' Weekend Workshop channeled by Jonette 

You can never be the same once your spirit has traveled to the other side of matter, experiencing the very foundation of the Quantum world. The channeled meditations and processes unhook you from limitation, giving you access to the vast multi-dimensional world.  You are transformed into a being who can experience and travel beyond space/time.