September 6 Open Evening & Book Signing 

September 8 – Quantum Soul Body Fusion®

September 9 Following Your Call to Light – Rediscovering Your Essential Self

September 10 Multi-Dimensional Mastery: Living a Greater Life 1-Day, channeled from MARK

Times: 18:00 - 21:00 on Sept 6; Registration 9AM, Workshop 10:00 - 18:00 on Sept 8-10

Location:  ul. Dzielna 10 on Sept 6; Restaurant Antakt Słowackiego 19a on Sept 8 -10

Price: 150 Polish zł for Sept 6; 450 Polish zł ($120 USD) for Sept 8 -10

Contact: Ewa Foley at foley@foley.com.pl. Details on www.ewafoley.pl

Opening Evening & Book Signing

This is a time on Earth of great possibilities and continual surprises. Jonette will talk about making the most of the opportunities now and not losing yourself in the changes.  You will leave feeling empowered and renewed.

Please bring Jonette's books and she will have a short signing of books afterwards.



Quantum Soul Body Fusion® 1-Day

The energies of Soul Body Fusion® are rapidly expanding!

This SPECIAL day will allow us to go deeper into the truly transformational aspects of Soul Body Fusion® We begin having you truly feel that ‘your body is Divine.’ This Advanced SBF workshop will include energies of the goddess Ashtatara and an Initiatory space where you will be able to receive and hold more of your soul / spirit than you ever imagined. Some people have called this ‘Quantum Soul Body Fusion.’ This will allow us to use the rapidly expanding energies of these times for our own growth, healing and well-being. You will experience more powerful Fusions than ever before. We will also work with Fusing Universal energies into Mother Earth.

Following Your Call to Light - Rediscovering Your Essential Self

Many of us are ‘Light Keepers,’ following an inner ‘Call to Light’ throughout our incarnations. Our modern world distracts us and sometimes drowns out our inner voice. Yet, even while battling self-doubt, we continue to propel ourself forward, opening our hearts and souls. We seek answers to the questions: “What is my essence? What am I here to create? How can I serve the Light?”

This is the time in humanity’s spiritual evolution when you’re ‘Call to Light’ is singing in your soul—drawing forth your unique Truth, your power, your beauty.

Multi-Dimensional Mastery~Living a Greater Life

A 'MARK' Weekend Workshop channeled by Jonette 

You can never be the same once your spirit has traveled to the other side of matter, experiencing the very foundation of the Quantum world. The channeled meditations and processes unhook you from limitation, giving you access to the vast multi-dimensional world.  You are transformed into a being who can experience and travel beyond space/time.

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