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Warsaw, Poland - Sept 6 -10*, click here for details

Skanderborg, Denmark - Sept 15 - 17, click here for details

Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 6 - 8, click here for details

* This Country has other events and might not follow the same 3 day schedule

The Year of Awakening ....... 3 days, 2 workshops, 1 goal

Downloading Your Divinity - Embodying Today's Higher Frequencies

For thousands of years the Earth’s average resonant frequency called the Schumann resonance has been 7.83 Hz. Yet on January 31, 2017 for the first time the frequency level reached over 36Hz. Now on May 9, 2017 it has spiked to over 120 Hz.

As the Earth’s frequency rises we need to be able go with it, taking advantage of the greater energy, information and possibilities that are made possible. Higher vibrations mean greater consciousness. Yet, our biology and our habitual behaviors need to be prepared for these massive frequency updates.

Your Divinity is your true self—you holding your highest possible frequency or light, choosing from the highest possibilities, exceptional and unique in every way.

Multi-Dimensional Mastery~Creating From a Higher Reality

A 'MARK' Weekend Workshop channeled by Jonette 

Jonette's work channeling MARK over the past 25 years has brought us to the 10th Dimension—the experience of ‘Relativity,’ the relationship between all things, the field of interconnections. When we begin to grasp this infinite, complex wholeness, we become unhooked from limitation, giving us access to the vast multi-dimensional world. The outcome is that the part of you that has been dormant becomes permanently awake. You are transformed into a being who can create your life from a higher reality.