2022 Monthly Meditation Series Information

Ascension School

2022 Meditation Series Ascension School

“Becoming the divine human you are meant to be.”

Embodied ascension - living the divine truth of who we are, while being fully present with life - is now in our grasp. 2022 was the most transformational year since 2012, and this meditation series is set to make the most of this quantum opportunity.

Jonette channeled 12 monthly meditations that will serve you as portals between heaven and Earth. You’ll work with your own Soul and Ascended Masters to awaken your own Truth; building a coherent field for transformation. The result is that you live from a higher vision, walking a path of self-acceptance, trust, and joy.

Ascension School is your next bridge to awakening.

#1 of 12 - Sword of Truth
A meditation to cut away our internal limitations, belief systems, karmic patterns, and fears in a surprisingly physical way.

#2 of 12 - A Lift When You Are Stuck
Meditation to get you out of your head, lifting you from the tips of your toes to a state of wizardry, magic, laughter, wishes, and joy.

#3 of 12 - Portal of Peace
When war rages we strengthen our spiritual connections to become active radiators of deep inner peace, portals of the highest dimensions into Earth and humanity. This meditation lifts you above conflict and fear.

#4 of 12 - The Faerie World Opens
The gates to the unseen realms of the faeries and the Sidhe are opening for us now. This meditation amazes and delights as you remember your connections and re-awaken your own magic.

#5 of 12 - The Beauty Way
The Navajo have a blessing — “In Beauty, I Walk”. This meditation transforms what is dark, forgotten, and lost into the Beauty Way. You experience your own ascension into a world of comfort, softness, and forgiveness.

#6 of 12 - Calling Your Soul Family
“It is safe to be you.” This meditation magnifies your Soul’s unique vibration which magnetizes your Soul family to you.

#7 of 12 - Releasing Baggage
Releasing the sandbags from your balloon. This meditation takes you through emptying your basket of patterns, traumas, and fears… allowing you to lift up!

#8 of 12 - You Are Light
White Buffalo Calf Woman welcomes you in a meditation to embody your light and holiness. You are liberated by the Light.

#9 of 12 - Rising from Stress
Lift stress from your body! This meditation acts like ‘psychic surgery’ to un-attach stress from your physical body.

#10 of 12 - The Golden Codes
This meditation is an activation for your future. It guides you into a long, deep silence until you find your Golden Ascension Chair. Sitting in the chair you receive your own Golden Codes, becoming a finely tuned instrument of your own potential.

#11 of 12 - Sanctuary
This is a grand blessing for you to recharge and refresh. An ascending one always retreats to a sanctuary prior to the next major gateway. In this meditation, you’re guided to meet with your Highest Self for clarity and answers, then to the ‘Family Room’ to connect with loved ones. Lastly, you discover the ‘Post Office’ room to open to messages from throughout the cosmos. You leave ready for the highest possible outcomes.

#12 of 12 - Take Flight
All of our trials and breakthroughs lead us to this—boldly stepping out of what is familiar and taking flight. Courage and determination have guided us, but the final step is about trust. This meditation supports you in going further and higher than you’ve ever been.
Spread your wings and let your soul take flight!

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