MARK on Our Role as "Transition Ones"

Mark, as channeled by Jonette Crowley, November 5, 2012, Oslo, Norway.  

Welcome this is Mark. Consciousness is your ticket to freedom. Consciousness as it expands changes the dynamics of everything that’s within it. It gives you choice of not only who you are but it gives you access to the universe, to universal wisdom, universal happiness and peace. Everyone is equally gifted in consciousness. There are not those who have it and those who do not. It requires no specific intelligence, no artistic ability. You don’t have to visualize. Because you are alive, you are part of the fabric of all that is.

For your life lessons you have learned to play in a small sandbox. But once you make some sandcastles you get bored and you want a bigger playground. The bigger playground is a different game with different rules. It is for humanity as you mature. Right now as we look at humanity we would say you’re mostly teenagers. The teenage years are difficult ones because you don’t have so much experience but you have a power and freshness and strength. Humans are there. You have all this potential, not quite so much wisdom yet, and the world of creation is in front of you.

The fifth world is a world of creation of good. It’s a world beyond black and white, good and bad. It’s a world predicated on oneness not separation. You are not there yet but you’re not supposed to be. You are the transition ones. You are the ones who came on this journey now because you love this world and you love even more what it can become. You are not sure what that is but your heart knows and something in the grandness of your soul remembers. You remember big enough for those who have forgotten.

Your role is a difficult one because it is one of frustration. How can they stay so dark? How can they not see that it is they who choose the darkness? But even with your frustration, even with your fear, even with your feet planted firmly on the earth, your head is in the clouds. You see beyond the horizon and you set your sights on something that others do not see. The world, the guides, the angels respect who you are. The world could not change until there was enough of you–ordinary humans with an extraordinary vision. A vision that makes no sense, a vision you can’t even see. Yet you set that as your future and you hold a long time line.

You know you may not do it all before you die this lifetime but that doesn’t worry you because you understand deep in your soul that you are endless. Yes, you have struggles in your life but you know it’s just a game in a small sandbox. You come to here to find each other. We invite you to support each other and others like you. We don’t care what you believe. We don’t care if you believe in channeling, we don’t care if you don’t believe in god, we don’t care what you believe because who you are is bigger then what you believe, and always has been.

As you move forward the Universe shifts. The Universe you walk to does not exist until you walk there. The step creates the Universe. All the relationships move because you stepped forward. All the Universe changes to accommodate that you choose that step. The world is so magnificent. We will say it is so complex but it simply is. Feel yourself as a part of a greater pattern. You may not know the pattern because you are only part of it, but love the part you are. Love it the way it is now, your dark side with your faults with your mistakes. Love it because then you will laugh and when you laugh everything that was heavy goes away.

For one moment please close your eyes to let your inner knowing, your third eye open. For a few minutes you can actually see or sense how many beings, how many universes, how many gods and goddess and how many angels are supporting you, watching, holding their breathe or clapping. For a few moments imagine that you are the center of the Universe and the Universe is focused on supporting you and the transition of humanity. Let yourself receive now the support, the admiration of all kinds of beings. Like in the movie Avatar they are all saying ‘I see you, I see you.’ Feel this love.

For now we thank you, this is Mark.

Copyright 2012

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