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Virtual MARK Group

Join a Virtual MARK Group from Anywhere We can all agree that the work MARK is beyond impactful. And we feel that listening to Jonette channeling MARK becomes more rich and intense…

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MARK Intensive 2020 Workshop

3 day Recorded Video Workshop on Zoom, with downloadable video and/or audio recordings

“This is the dawning of a New Era, the awakening of that which has been asleep in your hearts and souls.”


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MARK FREE Meditations and Classes

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MARK, channeled by Jonette  Listen free to the 1st class of every course ‘MARK’ – Your quantum guide to expanding and integrating into the higher dimensions Join ‘MARK’ as your…

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MARK Archive

MARK Catalogue of Courses Downloads of previous courses available now. Your Guide to the Higher Dimensions MARK sets up a complex energy formation which encompasses each person creating the space…

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MARK Series Information

Embodied Universality Part II: Gaia

EMBODIED UNIVERSALITY PART II:  GAIA The 10th Dimension – Embodied Universality Part 2: Gaia Dates: All the classes for Embodied Universality Part 2 are on Monday nights and these are the…

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Quantum Children-‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette Crowley

Welcome. This is Mark. Many of you are traveling lightly! By mistake, you’ve left all your baggage at the station and you´re on the high speed bullet train now. As you travel you will find you didn’t need that baggage anyway! Welcome to the speed of consciousness. The speed of the future…traveling lightly.

When you get on that high speed train of consciousness, having left your baggage at the station by mistake, and you sit down in your seat, you will see those special ‘Quantum Children’ are already there. They never did have the baggage that you had to leave behind. If you listen to them they can teach you how to be on a train that moves quickly and does not have so much baggage. If you try to teach them how important baggage is, you will lose them…. and you.

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