A New Reality: MARK Channeled by Jonette Crowley

More about MARK.     Copyright Jonette Crowley 2014  Center for Creative Consciousness
Mark’s current CREATION work has been a profound gift in my life when so many of my structures have recently been deconstructed. Remember that ancient cultures often have Destroyer god's who reign with the Creator gods? In our Judeo-Christian culture we have forgotten the power of the destroyer, focusing only on creation. But de-contruction is and must be the preamble to Creation. Creation that merely tweaks what was before is redecoration, not Creation.
In a recent Mark workshop in Helsinki “Consciously Creating Your Life,” Mark  took us to the Quantum void of the eighth dimension. Nothing happened—that we could follow— but everything changed. The participants were left empty and open, unable to think. We allowed ourselves to go into a mindless place of pure Truth, pure Potential. It was a transformation of magnificent proportions of our personal consciousness structures. Our greater self was released from all limits of the time/space world. The beautiful thing is that the shift was far beyond the ability of our small self to understand it and to try to control it.
Later we asked Mark to channel about what had happened. It is relevant because it is happening now for all of us, whether we are in touch with it or not.
     “You have been spending time in the Quantum void of potential. You entered it through the door of your old reality. But the most difficult door to exit through is the same one you entered from.  What happened yesterday is all of you exited through a brand new door. You exited back into a physical world of space and time. But it’s a different space/time reality than you had before because YOU changed considerably in that quantum space.”
     “When YOU change your reality shifts. You cannot change and then go back to the old world, it doesn’t exist anymore. Each of you entered a new reality that has never existed before you entered it. We cannot describe that reality because it has no plan yet. You’re not entering a reality so you can discover what’s there. There is nothing there until you create it.”
     “It is a new reality. The potentials are quite different than you’ve ever felt. Your job is to stay in your flow, to not listen to the small voice of your past or of your friends. To not look in books for the answers, but to keep going back to the truth in your heart. Your heart will lead you into the perfect creation in the perfect moment.”
     “This reality is what you’ve created with the Sun Disc Codes and the Grail Codes. The entire Universe is watching what you create, and the entire Universe supports you. You are standing on a great edge. You can’t remember what to do, you have to just know. The reason you‘re here today is because you are ready for that challenge. You’ve been seeking this challenge for thousands of lifetimes. You are committed to the rebirth of a golden age.
Thank you.”
If this resonates to you, I urge you to consider joining Mark’s journey by participating in  his on-going CREATION courses. Get the audio downloads or CDs, or in the very least get the transcripts of CREATION I and II. Try to listen to 2 classes a week. (There are 8 classes in each course.)They are all experiential journeys in higher consciousness. This will prepare you for our newest course CREATION III: Service — which is the culmination of more than 3 years of classes (LOVEWISDOM & POWER). There is no way to describe the profound gifts these teachings are. Mark’s channeled work is like none other. You have to be ready to evolve beyond your ability to understand. Are you in? 
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