A Time of Re-purposing

“This really is a wonderful time, where energies are coming and going, blessings are going out in every direction. This is a time of re-purposing, of being of purpose in a new way, for you and for the world. This is a time of following the energies and not the structure, and to let the energies flow through you while the structures fall away. It is a time to outgrow that which has been and to re-purpose or to dream that which will be. You all who are dreamers, you all who are connected to the higher realms, will be strengthened in these times of change. Others may feel weakened because of these changes, but you will be strengthened as you hold yourselves as sails in the wind. Sails are flexible, they change as the wind blows and they are the engines to move the ship of civilization forward.


“Human society has been on a precipice many times, this is not one of them. This is a course correction, not a huge chasm. You will all be strengthened and your strength will be depended on, in ways that are easy and not burdensome. If you feel burdened that means that you are holding the burden in the old way. Help is everywhere, yet ‘help’ is probably the wrong word, because help indicates helplessness. So assistance in joining strength to strength is what is happening now.”


I just returned from a 5 week teaching tour in Europe and I learned some amazing things in my travels – like there are tunnels and caves under the Romanian mountains that contain advanced technologies from other cultures…Atlantis? ET? I didn’t quite believe it until I received confirmation from two ex-intelligence officers of their existence and the involvement of the U.S. military. These sites are similar to secret sites in Egypt and Tibet. Last year I was guided to do an inner shamanic journey to clear these tunnels. In the next few weeks I will be blogging about some of my findings. So keep checking my blog on www.JonetteCrowley.com . I will also blog about the goddess energies – new information from White Eagle.

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