A Wonderful and Powerful Session

I’m sending you a note to share how I have been doing since the soul/body fusion last Thursday… but first of all THANK YOU for a wonderful and powerful session. You truly rock, Jonette!

I’m still experiencing growth, the tingling sensation is ongoing and my heart chakra is BURNING. I actually feel a bit like an over-inflated hot air balloon at the moment. A good thing I am anchored 🙂

Due to my soul-body relationship in this lifetime I have had frequent cramps in my calves, which to me indicates resistance and fear of change. I’m not worried though. I know where I am headed and I know I will get there!

Although my days moves by in slow motion and I’m sleepier than usual, I feel overall much more connected. The moments of uncaused well-being is also very noticeable, – even in the midst of other people’s drama.

I’m so grateful to you Jonette. You amaze me with your heart power and light! From my deepest core: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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