Act As If…

Most of us know and attempt to follow the simple guideline, “act as if” – act as if you’re happy, act as if you’re wealthy, etc. 

Hi, I’m Lisa, Jonette’s Office Manager and “right hand”.  I’d like to share a  silly little story that really brought “act as if” home for me.  Not too long ago I was in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em (that’s a poker game for those of you not familiar with it), and looking down at an Ace, Queen in my hole cards.  Well, that’s a pretty good hand to begin with, so I bet accordingly.  The flop came Queen, Ace and some other small card.  Well, by then I was sure I had a winning hand, so played accordingly.  The turn was an Ace, so then I knew I had the winner – a full house!  I went all in and the people who had been betting against me folded and I won the hand.  After the hand when I looked down at my cards again it was a Queen, Four!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes because the first time I looked I had seen an Ace.  Based on that I had played the hand confidently and actually chased out people who had better hands than I, thereby winning the hand! 

Even if you don’t know poker, the point is that if you “act as if” you can accomplish virtually anything and create your own reality, whether it’s as simple as a poker hand or the big important things in your life!

So Act As If!!

Many Blessings to You,


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