Anthony's Story Part I

Part I:

Soul Body Fusion® and a War Veteran’s Post Traumatic Stress:

An Amazing Story of a Life Reclaimed


by Jonette Crowley copyright 2012,

“I’m told you can help me. I know things I shouldn’t know and I write a language I don’t understand.” So said the voicemail that enticed me to return the call to Anthony, a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, an ex-POW (Prisoner of War).

“Two weeks ago I blacked out, lost three days, went back to memories of 1983 and woke up on the floor of a hospital room. I don’t know what is happening to me and hope you can help,” Anthony told me when I phoned him back.

“Come on over. We can talk and I’ll do a healing process on you –Soul Body Fusion. It will help you regain your balance,” I responded.

It was December 23rd when I picked Anthony up at the light rail station. A big guy, African-American, 47 years old with five kids and eleven grandchildren. My heart melted when he answered my questions with a crisp military “Yes, Ma’am.” I was both spell-bound and horrified by his story. “I joined the army at 17 and was put into a special program. Ever heard of MK Ultra? It’s a secret program using mind control and drugs to make us into super soldiers. I’ve always had special psychic gifts. I could look at a map and just know where the enemy was. I was a POW somewhere, can’t remember where or when, just remember being tortured. Now I have seizures every night, always waking up around 3am. My head hurts all the time. I’ve had to have unusual brain tumors removed. I feel like a broken arrow, unstable and confused. Pounding sounds get me agitated. I’m afraid to go out in case I get triggered with Post Traumatic Stress.”

He explained that he has at least five microchips implanted in him that sometime ‘go off’ and cause pain and other reactions. He is programmed and most of his memories are gone. Even in everyday life he easily forgets things. He feels physically and emotionally unbalanced, sometimes stumbling around. He feels the military still watches him and believes his phone is bugged. As I listened to his story I was impressed by his strength of character. He has every reason to be depressed, or an addict or alcoholic. He is none of these. In addition to what I call the military programming voices in his head, he can hear the voice of a higher being, or perhaps it is his higher self. He calls it ‘UR.’ Anthony was so grateful for my spiritual perspective on his extraordinary experiences. I guess the psychiatrists don’t help explain or affirm what he has been going through since he was a teenager in the Army. He keeps notebooks of the random things that come to him in the night: strange symbols and their meaning, complex geometric shapes, coordinates for a hidden ‘Golden City,’ a cure for some cancers…

After listening to Anthony for several hours I said, “OK, let’s do a Soul Body Fusion session on you. It will anchor your own higher frequencies of wholeness into your body and help you get stabilized and balanced.” I added, “My goal is to strengthen your own vibration enough that you render those controlling microchips ineffective.” The whole idea that our government has implanted soldiers with controlling chips without their knowledge is shocking to me. However, I searched the internet for MK Ultra and stories of such ‘Manchurian Candidate’ programmed killers and found lots of evidence and examples. This poor man. My heart went out to him and the cost he has been required to pay in his life.

“I trust you Ma’am. I know I was meant to meet you. Maybe this is why I felt compelled to move to Colorado from New Jersey last year,” he told me. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” he queried, almost as an after thought.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Then I shared an insight with him. “I bet the drugs and torture have created multiple personalities. One of your personalities when it is triggered has probably done some very frightening things, especially in the military. You can’t remember the details but part of you knows that people should be afraid of you and what you can do.”

I pulled together two chairs and instructed Anthony to sit with his hands palms up. Following the Soul Body Fusion protocol, I placed my fingers on his and sat in silence. Both of us holding the intention of permanent healing, wholeness and spiritual fusion. “I feel so much light in my body,” he explained. A sweet smile broke over his face, the winter sun streamed in at an oblique angle that illuminated the side of his face. Looking at him glowing and relaxed brought such a feeling of deep joy to my heart. It was an infinite moment of beauty. “The light is like a sun, going into my cells,” he continued. “Now it’s doing something in my bones.” He stretched with the power of a bear waking up from hibernation. “I feel so much happening but I don’t have the words. I just want to sit here and enjoy the space.”

After a few more minutes of silence his head dropped down and he spoke in a deep, resonate tone: “I am UR. You are Kumara (he used my soul name in addressing me.) You are both exactly where you need to be.”

Anthony’s head lifted and he looked at me with intense eyes that weren’t his. I addressed UR. “Can you help Anthony and me do what we can to reverse war and hatred?”

“It’s happening,” UR responded. I felt as if I were gazing into the deep, wise eyes of a cosmic brother. He raised his palm to me, transmitting energy that I could feel pulsing in my heart. Tears streamed down my face.

We continued the Soul Body Fusion for another 10 minutes as Anthony described the sensations from his head down to his feet. When we were done he sat guzzling water and grinning. “I feel so completely different! I feel safe and unafraid. I think I’ll even go out tonight for our Christmas party! Usually I am withdrawn and keep to myself. I’ve been afraid because of the lights and noises.” I told Anthony about UR coming through and what he said. “Really?! I don’t remember that happening at all. Really?!” Anthony repeated, incredulously.

Anthony practically danced around the room. “I feel so balanced! I can’t even make myself become unstable. Everything is changed!” At that moment I felt that all the time and effort I’ve put into developing Soul Body Fusion and writing the book about it so readers can do this on themselves and others has been worth it! I literally watched a man’s life change before me…in just 20 minutes!

The Soul Body Fusion process calls for a second session a week later — which can be done remotely. So on December 29th I phoned Anthony to learn what had happened since our first Fusion. “You can’t believe it….or maybe you can. Everything is different! I’m not afraid! I don’t fear ‘them’ anymore. I’m so balanced I can even do upside down pushups against the wall! You should see me!” he laughed. “And some memories are coming back. I’m not forgetting day to day things. The headaches and noises in my head are gone. After 27 years of not sleeping, I’m sleeping through the night now. I stayed up talking to my wife about things that are coming back to me. I can feel UR tell me that everything is going to be OK. I just don’t have words to tell you what’s happening! It’s all good!! I’m ready to see what my gifts are and to do my special mission. I can’t thank you enough Miss Jonette.”

My face wasn’t big enough to hold my smile as I listened to Anthony’s experience. After hanging up I sat for 20 minutes and did a second Soul Body Fusion on him remotely, by intention. I can’t wait to call him in a week or so to see what else is changing after two Fusions.

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