White Eagle: Are the E.T.s Coming?

Q:  I want to ask you are the E. T.s coming to the Earth?

 A:  The E.T.s are coming.  Many of them are already here, and they look like you.  [laughter]  They’re not going to come to the ordinary people, because the ordinary people aren’t ready, but they will come more and more to groups who are ready to see them, and to experience them.  They don’t need to be seen.  You can connect to them more in consciousness.  The involvement of the E.T.s and the inner-Earth beings is greater now than it has been in a long time, but they’re smarter than to show themselves too much. They have figured out that as soon as they show many of themselves, the governments of the world will have an excuse to become more controlling.  It is not a good thing for governments to have excuses for more military, more laws, more control.  The E.T.s will come interdimensionally; they’ll come to groups who are ready, but they have changed their plans.  There’s not going to be mass landings, because it would actually hurt humanity’s path right now, because your governments are too afraid, and there would be too much darkness created by it.  That is not the E.T.s’ intention, so they will find other ways to be of service. 

 Q:  So Obama is not going to do work with them?

 A:  He already does, but he doesn’t think it’s an E.T.  [laughter]  He actually has quite a strong spirit guide, but he doesn’t think it’s a spirit guide, either.  You know, this is one part of his African roots that is important:  He feels the Earth more than if there was another African-American president who’d been away from Africa for generations and lost their touch, but he is only one generation removed from the land, and so he has a sense of Earth connection that colors everything he does, but he wouldn’t necessarily know where it comes from.

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