Astrologically, A Time of Balance…

Guest Blog by Michelle Karen

This is an excerpt from the recent newsletter from my friend Michelle Karen ( an internationally known astrologer and author. It shows the importance of this immediate time. As well as the 3 eclipses from August 18 to September 16, this equinox on September 22 will be of particular importance as we seek balance within ourselves, between Divine Masculine and Feminine and within Mother Earth.


We are presently in the middle of a very unusual cosmic portal begun on August 18 with the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, including a Solar Eclipse on September 1, that will end on September 16 with another Lunar Eclipse, this time in Pisces.

A 5 year window is being opened during which we shall see many fundamental changes happen in the world that will affect our personal lives based on the specific area (house) these eclipses are falling in in our personal charts. A time of tremendous purification.

The recent eclipse brings to the surface deeply buried emotions, conflicts, fears, frustrations, negativity, anger and anxiety. Is also emerging, much rebellion against slaveries of all kinds. A need for change and freedom is sweeping old structures, blinding paradigms and thought forms endeavoring to keep us in what-is-not.

We are being asked to hone our skills with a keen attention to details, stay in as much balance as we can, and in the center of major turmoil, be focused on our highest truth. More than ever is it essential that, while not turning a blind eye to the social unrest around us, we remain anchored in our light.

Our minds are opening to an expanded consciousness of who we really are. Our visions should be implemented by action. As our evolution requires of us balanced, fair as well as loving and compassionate relationships with others, a need for positive partnerships is enhanced.

Initiations and spiritual consciousness of parallel lifetimes are being remembered at a cellular level. As we recognize that our sense of separation is illusionary, tremendous healing ensues.

A more profound sense of our mastery and our power to change our world with our thoughts, visions and emotions, support us in ushering a different reality than the one portrayed by those who would control what we should believe to be real.

Miracle solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems could come to us in truly magical ways. Sudden, unexpected doors could open to liberate us from realities we thought there were no escapes from. Unusual revelations could help us see our world  in ways that were never previously possible.

Enlightenment, empowerment and mastery are within us to manifest. Now is the time to fully step into our light, with integrity, courage and wisdom.


Cacina Spaeth & Michelle Karen in Sedona at the Kryon Conference








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