August 21st Solar Eclipse-An Opportunity for Major Human Evolution

“Eclipses are always opportunities for major human evolution… If there are major changes that you need to make, inside yourself or externally, you are supported from now until late December.”


'MARK' channels about the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse

"Duality— shadow and light— aligning during this solar eclipse create a phenomenon that can open worlds to non-duality for those who are ready. Solar eclipses are opportunities for quantum leaps out of the handcuffs of duality into unity consciousness. Duality is only a hard place when that’s your only reality. Duality when experienced from unity is incredibly colorful, creative and amazing. Duality is the place of manifestation. Unity doesn’t need to manifest. This eclipse helps those who are ready to move to a perspective of duality from unity rather than seeing duality from inside duality. Eclipses are always opportunities for major human evolution."


“There is a great deal of uncertainty in your world. That, combined with the strong yearning to evolve and the energy frequencies that enable evolution all coming together, opens a window of rapid growth.  It will be open through late December, then it slows down. If there are major changes that you need to make, inside yourself or externally, you are supported from now until late December. This is the time of greatest opportunity.”  - 'MARK'

Dr. Mattulich's Global Goals

Dr Liana Mattulich, an internationally know medical doctor who specializes in consciousness asked me to share this with as many of you as possible.

August 21, 2017 will be a solar eclipse whose path of totality will pass through the middle of the USA. Ancient wisdom knows that this kind of cosmic event brings right timing for the empowerment of human intent, the flourishing of ideas, projects, commitments….

Our global human intent for this cosmic event is for planetary peace.


Eclipses bring a heightened level of energy that can be used for breaking through old patterns. It is a helpful time to engage in spiritual practices that release emotions and flow beneficial intentions out to all. Envision all humanity evolving and sharing a better quality of life.

This is a powerful global opportunity to allow ‘impossible mission’ to be accomplished—

Cosmic Evolution in the human race.  

Planetary Peace for all forms of galactic life.


Please focus your awareness in these global goals.  The power of the eclipse is with us 3 days before and 3 days after. However on August 21, ideally in the window of 2 hours around the momentum of totality of the solar eclipse (please check the time of totality for you) begin to meditate, pray, dance, move. Focus and intend the reality of these 2 missions. Radiate the intention out, imagining it strengthening by connecting to other similar loving intentions. Hold the intent for 60 minutes. 

The last 15 minutes do the exercises/movements of inner power, to prepare your psychophysiology and energies to be in total awareness.  Work with the inner intent at least 4 to 5 minutes, which will include the 2 minutes of solar totality for cosmic simultaneity; or, what your span of concentration allows you to be efficient and happy.  Enrich that inner work by creating your clear image of cosmic evolution in the human race  Maybe, visualizing all kinds of people healthy, efficient and happy?  they are dancing together in cooperation and team-works? 

Maybe represent Planetary Peace for all forms of galactic life as a beautiful blue pearl in space, emitting the sounds of all animals in free and colorful rainbows of joy, together with all the wonderful music that humans created for civilizations.

Human “Intent” is a force in action when it is directed to specific goals and used, as here, with geometric potentials in each of us by these unique cosmic ‘doors of right timing’; the drop of that intent-elixir can transmute reality.  A new advanced paradigm arises as, all of us, join-turn out this ‘intent’ for human race and the planet, which expands better qualities of life.

Welcome and Mahalo for your presence and for educating other humans to do the same in this unique, cosmic, global opportunity. - Dr. Liana Mattulich

MARK's Special Solar Eclipse Class

Tuesday, August 22 in Denver, CO

Attend in Person or via Video Live Stream

Note from Jonette

As the path of totality for this solar eclipse passes through the middle of Wyoming. I will be traveling to experience the eclipse. 'MARK' channeled to me that it is important that we sleep on the ground the night before the eclipse and the night of the eclipse. So we will be bringing a tent and camping. 'MARK' also surprised me with the directive that the afternoon after the eclipse we should drive to Devil's Tower in north eastern Wyoming. This ancient volcanic core was holy to the native people and was central in the movie 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.  I'm very curious what we will find.  Our special Eclipse 'MARK' event will be the day after the eclipse, and the same evening we visit Devil's Tower.

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower

The total solar eclipse that passes over the U.S. on August 21st is a powerful time where the bonds of reality are loosened, giving us the opening to un-create and re-create our lives and the collective. Jonette will be camping out in Wyoming to experience the eclipse. This special 'MARK' class in Denver the day after will be video live-streamed. This evening is part of our 10th Dimension series, but you can purchase this as a single event.

Class Details

Date:  Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Time:  7:00PM - 9:45PM MDT

Location:  First Spiritual Science Church Of Denver, 3375 S. Dahlia Denver, CO 80222

Price: $35.00

Contact: Julie at  [email protected] or +1 (303) 689-9318

Note: This is part of you MARK Series Relativity Part II course.  You can sign up for the whole 8 class course and you will receive this class as part of the 8 classes.

Special 'MARK' Solar Eclipse Class

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