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Invites You to be Part of a Global Spiritual Mission

2013 & 2014

Global mission TirangleNow that we are in a period of new consciousness, we have the power and the unified will to clear ancient disruptive energies and open new portals that have never been accessible to humankind before. Some of this spiritual work is quite challenging. White Eagle has asked Jonette to guide 3 journeys over the next 2 years, beginning in Crete. We will work with the guides, your own inner power, and the Earth’s Grid Keepers to assist in unlocking energies that have been blocked for thousands of years. This same blockage nearly caused the ruin of Earth during the destruction of Atlantis, and yet the block still exists.

Join us for all 3 trips or pick the one you are most drawn to. Either way it will be an epic journey for all! Even if you can’t come, please stay connected to our mission.... please read on.....

Greece/Crete: Awakening the New Golden Age. 10-days, April 23 - May 2. This is a special pilgrimage through time and space, including Athens, Delphi and Crete. There will be strong connections to Venus. The tour is followed by an optional Soul Body Fusion Teacher’s Certification course on Crete.


Turkey cavesTurkey: Releasing Ancient Secrets. Sept. 27 - Oct. 7. Turkey is a magical world. Our tour will include an optional visit to the Gobekli Tepe area, a 12,000 year old site.The work will be focused on claiming the power of the inner-earth beings and Earth’s on-going connection to Mars. (Fascinating, huh?) Details and exact dates soon.



israel picIsrael: The Vision for Peace. Israel is an ancient treasure place. There is no coincidence that the Temple of Solomon has always been about treasures of ancient wisdom and energies. Those treasuries underlay much of the fighting that takes place in the area. It seems like the fighting is religious, but it’s more than that. The timing and the specifics of this part of the mission will be determined by the events and energies in Crete and Turkey. It will be sometime in 2014.


  Awakening the New Golden Age of Greece and Crete 

As you travel to these magnificent places you will experience the sacred landscape and living legends come alive. You will be reliving the ancient Greek wisdom of a Golden age, where the Earth was a garden of prosperity and good will and where the Gods walked upon the land. The knotted energy  meridians and timelines that can be accessed through Crete’s dimensional portals can finally be untied, releasing a blast of power to be used for peace and g ood throughout the world, but especially to assist the explosive area of the Middle East. Humanity has finally reached a level of consciousness where this transformation can be called forth. It is as if we will find secrets of power and codes of light in the mythical labyrinth of the Minotaur.

WHITE EAGLE recently channeled:

“Greece has been a pivotal place of energy for many more thousands of years than the classical Greek culture. It has also had many portals to other off-planet worlds. Some of those portals have been continuously used since the beginning of habitation upon the earth, and some are not used now, but they are open. Portals on Crete allow hindering energies into your world from these nearly abandoned star gates. This time of 2013 is especially important, because there are

more people at a higher level of consciousness than ever before, so what your group is going to be doing could not be done safely at a lower level of consciousness. Now a group of committed light workers do have the skill, and do have the consciousness level, especially as a group to really take on some spiritual challenges that have been waiting for your mastery.”

To read more of White Eagle’s fascinating and eye-opening, channeled words about the significance and mysteries of all of these journeys, the connections to Transylvania, and the recalibration of sacred sites worldwide that is happening now, please scroll down.

When our Greek friend Lydia read about our mission there, this is what she wrote:

“I wanted to let you know that similar information about the interdimensional portal in Crete has been given also to a meditation group that I coach in Athens. We have "seen" this as a "black hole" which keeps all kind of negative and other energies from ancient and recent times trapped. We have been called to start working on it at different period of times to clean it up and during all the work that we have done we all felt how dangerous it was. It is a great thing that you and the group will work there. Maybe our work is preparing the way for what you will do. This is so amazing. We are all in awe and gratitude about what's happening.”



January 11, 2013, White Eagle channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2013. (303) 689-9318

Hello dear one. This is White Eagle, happy to answer such curiosity questions for you.

QUESTION 1:  (Vanda) Hello White Eagle. The first question I’d like to ask you is a little more about the vision for Greece, so that we can incorporate the new energies of 2013 that are available.

WHITE EAGLE:  Greece has been a pivotal place of energy for many thousands of years, many more thousands of years than the classical Greek culture. It has also had many portalsegypt pic to other off planet worlds. Some of those portals have been continuously used since the beginning of habitation upon the earth, and some are not used now, but they are open. They’re s till open and haven’t been closed, so they allow energies into especially Crete, and into your world from these nearly abandoned star gates. This time of 2013 is especially important, because there are more people at a higher level of consciousness than ever before, so what your group is going to be doing could not be done safely at a lower level of consciousness. Now a group of committed light workers do have the skill, and do have the consciousness level, especially as a group to really take on some spiritual challenges that have been waiting for your mastery.

QUESTION 2:  (Vanda) Could you maybe help us a little bit with an overall plan for the tour in Greece, using what we can do to the highest while we’re there?

WHITE EAGLE:  In the mainland of Greece, there are many things, but your tour can only be 10 days, not 10 years, we will say that the most important emotional and spiritual place for people, will of course be the Oracle of Delphi. Backing off from that, many people will feel a resonance especially to the Vestal Virgin or Venus area of the Acropolis. People will remember that Priestess and Priest lineage. Those people who were drawn to Malta, or people anywhere, who feel the compatibility of the Ashtatara energy, they’re going to feel that in Athens. Athens is going to be the perfect place to start, because the veils will start opening for different people at different times. We will help guide an opening meditation that should begin to get the ball rolling. Athens, Ashtatara, Venus, Priestesses, all of that is important.

Delphi is obviously also a portal. Delphi is a portal, not only to the stars, but also to the inner-earth. Some of your group will be connected especially to the star connections, but some will come because of their inner-earth connection and remembrances. Both groups are going to be very important in Delphi. Delphi will be using the 8th dimensional quantum consciousness that Mark teaches, because it’s really like the infinity symbol or the 8. It is really the nexus of the higher world, the quantum world meeting the physical world. It’s almost like a black hole/white hole opening. That is Delphi. Here you have the Priestess energy. You have then the inner-earth, the star energy in Delphi.

Then in Crete is the challenge. It’s more important that there are portals that are reversed or taken over again by light beings. A major portal, you will find it in a cave. It may not be the cave that you think, but you will all feel it. There will be confusion and heaviness around it. Some people will actually sense interfering energies. It’s very important that your group is strong, that your group is committed, and they will be. This is a challenge of light workers claiming back the earth, saying we don’t want to be ruled or interfered with by off planetary or other dimensional, or other time travel beings. We want this earth to be for us now, in this moment. Although we say it’s a challenge, your strength is going to serve you. Most of what Crete will be, is this challenge, and then if this portal or portals are reversed, the next step is really anchoring huge levels of grace, huge levels of peace, huge levels of support that have been kept at bay by the misalignment of these portals. It’s like a phone has been off the hook, and now the phone is on the hook again and the calls can be made, and grace, alignment and support can come, that will flow out, often Greece is the navel of civilization, so flow out as the navel to the entire world.

QUESTION 3:  (Vanda) I want to ask you a little bit, because in one of the channeled messages, there was a little bit of information about the energies in Crete were knotted. I want to ask you a little more about what that means.

WHITE EAGLE:  That’s our best description of a star gate that has been compromised. It’s not just energies that are knotted; it’s time frames that have been convoluted. It’s like different times are allowed access to this time and space, and it’s not always necessarily helpful to humankind to have so much interference that’s not from now.

QUESTION 4:  (Vanda) I know that you’ll be with us in Crete, but is there anything specifically that at this point in time, before we go, we need to know to do when we are in Crete that would be helpful?

WHITE EAGLE:  Personally, we would like to encourage people to be fairly vigilant with Soul/Body Fusion™, or any practice that makes them encompassing and aligning with their highest spirit, their highest potential, and their greatest strength. Let us say that because of this, whenever light workers gather and take on a challenge, or do something that’s mystical and not understood, but they do it out of faith, they do it out of their commitment, there are always gifts. The universe repays those light warriors a hundredfold. People need to be ready for the positive changes in their life, be ready to actually accept abundance in many ways. We’re not saying that necessarily you’re going to find money under your bed, but really opening up to a greater flow. The universe always rewards, always.

VANDA:  That was beautiful, because I really feel that is the energies of 2013, is the incorporation of the good that’s available at this time.

QUESTION 5:  (Vanda) What is the significance of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur?

WHITE EAGLE:  In the mythical world, the Labyrinth would have been how the mythical people, the ancient people, describe a star gate. The Mayans are said to have Labyrinths. There are Labyrinths in Mesopotamia. The Labyrinth is a portal, a star gate, an opening. The Minotaur actually represents an off world, a presence, a strong and not so friendly presence from other worlds. The Minotaur was trapped in the Labyrinth, meaning it is a being that was trapped in time and space. Much of your work will be releasing these trapped beings and entities that are not in this time. They’re not really in the Astral; they’re in some no man’s land. When those are released and cleared, that’s when the energies of grace, that’s when the phone is hung up and the calls can come through. That is the reward.

QUESTION 6:  (Vanda) In relationship to that, because there are so many diverse energies in Crete, do the ancient ones want us to know something, or do they want to tell us something before we leave?

WHITE EAGLE:  The ancient, ancient ones of Crete, we’re focusing on Crete now, but Greece as well, are of the bird tribes. They are of the stars that gave rise to the bird tribes, or the winged beings. They’re not ancient ones like homo sapiens or homo erectus, we’re talking the ancient Gods, would be the winged ones. The winged ones have a lot of gifts for humanity. They would be the beginning of what you call the angels, the Elohim. Some of the people in your group may actually have visions of those original sorts of angels, Elohim, winged ones, during your meditations or spiritual time.

QUESTION 7:  (Vanda) How is this trip in any way related to what we found in Transylvania?

WHITE EAGLE:  The early spiritual people who practiced in the undergrounds, the underworlds of Greece, and in Crete, were contemporaries in some cases with similar spiritual legacies and practices in Transylvania. In Transylvania they were Children of the Sun, and in Crete there are solar discs. You will find references and energy as Children of the Sun, which would be an early spiritual practice. We’re going to say they were connected in their world, and there was also a lot of connection to the inner-earth or underworld beings, not underworld as in demonic, but underworld as under our feet.

QUESTION 8:  (Vanda) Are we coming to a place where we may more consciously know these beings in different dimensions and in different spaces, so that we can really understand our history of the earth?

WHITE EAGLE:  This is very interesting. What you are doing in Crete, especially with reversing some portals, clearing out beings that have been lost between worlds, and claiming the time and energy for earth at this time, is going to set the place for much more opening of inner-earth worlds, which will happen in Turkey. In Turkey there will be more of a chance to relate to the inner-earth beings, and as we have mentioned before, strong connections to Mars, because some of the inner-earth beings were also Martians.

QUESTION 9:  (Vanda) If someone is considering joining us, what will travelers gain personally during this journey?

WHITE EAGLE:  What they will gain is the confidence that when they trust their instinct, their intuition, their vision, their self, and they share that in a group and work with a group, so much will happen. The magic is the mosaic of the group. It is not in the leadership of Jonette, or even our channeling. It is what comes together when the magic of the participants come. The confidence, and as we said, when these challenges are met, and we have to say when Jonette brings these groups together, whether it was in Peru for amazing work, or in Egypt or Malta, people step up to the plate and major light work, major earth light work gets accomplished. The rewards come to each of the individuals, not just the joy of being there, but a richness, an understanding beyond words, a confidence, an access to each one’s own empowerment, history, and potential.

QUESTION 10:  (Vanda) How is this setting up for the trip to Turkey, and Israel? It seems very interesting that these trips are sequential.

WHITE EAGLE:  The work in Crete is the major work to reclaim star gates, star gates that have been as we said, neglected and they are continual abscesses on this earth, because beings that shouldn’t be here keep using these star gates. That has to be cleaned up. When we say reversed, it almost means using a vacuum cleaner and sucking out any beings that came through that star gate that shouldn’t be on earth at this time. They shouldn’t be in your dimension at this time. What that does is clear the space so that so much can begin to happen. Turkey is again, working with the inner solar system. There are connections to Mars. In Greece there will be connections to Venus, and inner-earth beings. People might begin to almost be able to time travel, or translate to Mars, to Venus through some of these experiences in Turkey.

Turkey is a magical world, especially when you leave the cities. That will be more of claiming the power of the inner-earth beings, and connecting there.

Israel is an ancient treasure place. There is no coincidence that the Temple of Solomon has always said there were treasures. It is a place of treasure, not gold, but we’re just going to say treasures. Those treasures, some of them are energetic, some of them are ancient wisdom. Those treasuries underlay much of the fighting that seems to take place. It seems like it’s religious, but it’s more than that. It is almost a place where beings that would like to control the treasury and wisdom of earth, have their camps. More will come clear again, in these next few years. We’ll just say that Israel is very important as an earth treasury.

QUESTION 11:  (Vanda) It is my feeling that in 2013, and all the work that’s been done in the past, has basically recalibrated sacred sites, so that when we go in April, May, to Greece and Crete there will be new frequencies. Is that correct?

WHITE EAGLE:  This is so correct. Not only recalibrated sacred sites, but sites that weren’t known to be A-list sacred sites, are going to become more important. The A-list sacred sites, Macchu Picchu, Egypt, those are still important, but there are going to be ones that were overlooked, for instance Turkey. These are going to rise in vibration, as there’s a different wave of calls going out to those of you awakening, where these next levels are coming. There is a recalibration, and people will find that the quickening they receive at these sacred places, is both healing and stimulating.

We give you blessings, and of course we send blessings to all who undertake these pilgrimages in this time. Thank you.

White Eagle “Debrief” about the upcoming journeys, recorded around a fire in the sacred Sarmizegetusa area of Romania, August 2012

There’s a strong connection between the most ancient Cretans and the Dacians. (Ancient people in Romania.) There are similarities in their most ancient language; this is pre- pre- pre- Greek. There are similarities in their legends. The people in the mountains here were able to retain their culture a bit better than Crete because of Crete’s proximity to many traders. The energies in Crete have been politically manipulated for many thousands of years. The energies of this place (Sarmizegetusa) are actually fairly pure because it has been more hidden. So the energies in Crete are of a similar vibration – but have been more masqueraded, more masked. Crete will begin to open up – the best word is the Labyrinth of the Minotaur. It is the labyrinth of energies, very complex, which haven’t been able to be birthed yet on this planet. Here you felt the complexity of the torus as it combined with others. In Crete there is that complexity times a trillion, but it is locked up. It is as if another Sun Disc is born there.

In Turkey, there are ancient people – well this will really surprise you, Jonette hates to say these things – from Mars. Jonette is feeling the energy and it feels very alien. There have been continual landing places and interconnections between parts of Turkey and Mars. Wormholes, civilizations moving back and forth. We’re not prepared yet to say the nature of the mission except that the outcome is a greater ease for the potential of peace and prosperity in the Muslim world. There is much influence, Martian influence, military martial influence in areas in Turkey, Syria and Iran. Iran and Syria are not safe for tourists so Turkey is on your agenda.

The third place in 2014 is Israel. If it is possible to go to Palestine, we wish her to go there too. What Jonette is trying to see is very complex because it is over a horizon of consciousness which is not yet. We will be able to show her more after the end of this calendar year. The Star of Bethlehem was a conjunction of several stars. That alignment is important for your researchers and astrologers. There are so more many dimensional shifts happening upon this Earth than you can be aware of. There’s much more complexity. What we ask of you is not to be overwhelmed by complexity but let it expand you so you harmonize with it. Mark has once taught the Cosmic Battery. That is a most profound tool in these times


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