2018 The Year of Activations

Beyond the Matrix: Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness

Jonette channeling 'MARK'

Warsaw, Poland - April 8,  click here for details 

Copenhagen, Denmark - April 14 & 15, click here for details

Berlin, Germany - April 28 & 29, click here for details

Salzburg, Austria - May 6, click here for details

Zürich, Switzerland - May 12 & 13, click here for details

Bucharest, Romania - May 18, click here for details

Beyond the Matrix— Skills for Breakthrough Consciousness

Powerfully guiding you to YOU.  Are you willing to grow beyond your mind’s ability to understand what has happened?”

Humanity has finally reached the point where we can use our well-tuned consciousness to travel into the quantum field of all potentials. We navigate the highest dimensions to find ourselves beyond the matrix of limitations, even beyond space/time itself. It is here that you can evolve your heart, mind, body, and life; ultimately opening the space for all humanity to evolve into the the new human— 'Homo Luminous.’

You realize yourself as a quantum being having an earthly experience. Now you can truly be aligned to the highest and best potentials for yourself and all of humanity!

Before her Australian spiritual tour this October, Jonette was shown a dark or ‘false matrix’ around the Earth. This has served to limit us, keeping us in fear and conflict; unable to reach the love and light that was our original destiny. Jonette prayed for a way to unhook this dark matrix to reach the true Matrix of Light or Crystalline Matrix beyond.

Then in a cave sacred to the Aboriginals in the remote center of Australia, she received the ‘Grandmother Codes.’ The next day at Uluru these Codes were activated. These are creation codes from the stars; energy packets that hold mankind’s original, unaltered DNA. This original template silently reconfigures your DNA, enabling you to connect to a higher world, accessing a part of you that has always been beyond the veil. You know yourself as a portal of the divine matrix on Earth.

Jonette and MARK are working now with the 10th dimension— Relativity…the relationship to you and all things.  They are always experimenting in these workshops, bringing you leading edge activations and initiations that take you into realms that have only been accessible in the ancient mystery schools.

  • You receive the ‘Grandmother Codes’
  • You practice bringing your intentions into form
  • You understand the Quantum Field that surrounds you and how to fine-tune it
  • You have access to energy and knowledge that has previously been held only by a few
  • You experience yourself more and more beyond limitations, in a world of light and love

Jonette, channeling the cosmic teacher MARK, has been on the leading edge of consciousness exploration since 1989. She channels complex frequency fields that can give you an immediate experience of unity consciousness, love, and ecstasy. These frequency fields entrain with your own crystalline light body, updating your electromagnetic bio-fields. This gives you access to the energies and wisdom of the highest realms. You can literally feel the realignment and the life force energy running through you.

Before this course is Opening Your Quantum Brain: Evolving into an Awakened Human

We strongly suggest taking these 2 workshops together, making it 3-days of advanced spiritual realization.

European 2017 Tour


Zurich Group

Furth Germany

Comments from Workshops

"After the channeling and the crowning I felt a very pure love. Neither driven by love nor hate. Tears were in my eyes every time I looked at you and felt your energy. Thank you. I love you as I love myself."

Daniel, 19 years old from Denmark

"Finally I can wear that crown I always wanted to show! The journey through the gates is like a journey through my life.  Jonette brought me back home to where I've always been."

Anne-Mette from Denmark

"What happened this weekend is beyond words. I feel that years of signs, feelings and meetings with people all have fallen into place within me. The past months I've had experiences that prepared me. The initiation was the final piece of the puzzle. I have infinite love for you. You are amazing!!"

Marie-Louise from Denmark


"Thank you for another fantastic seminar. You and MARK have been my greatest inspiration for years now and I will continue our work in spirit. You have been one of the reasons that I am now finally giving into my spiritual gifts and powers!"

Alex from Denmark

"Thank you for everything! Your team is magical! Your guidance has taken me home to my crystal castle and my power. I now have even more power to help others transform their lives as I have."

Donna from Denmark