Blessings Beloved People of Denmark

Message from White Eagle

for the people of Denmark


Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2009


Blessings beloved friends in Denmark, this is White Eagle.

 As I look at the energies of your people and your land, there are two words that come up.  One is urgency and the other is distraction.  It seems that there is urgency in getting back to your personal core principals and the core principals of your nation, but there have been distractions keeping you from your core values. 

 As individuals this means spending some time reflecting on: What do stand for? What do you value? And be ready to be radical in the removal of things and distractions that no longer serve you today and tomorrow.  It means finding your personal truth space and living from that in a way that creates more and more energy, abundance and power to enliven your life. 

 As a nation it means stop being distracted by events and incidents that are beneath you as a people.  There is a sense that over the last 8 years in many ways you have lost your way.  The urgency is to reclaim your power, reclaim your sense of identity, personally and nationally, and to stand tall as creators of change rather than reactors to change. 

 This is a call to create your future from your vision rather than from your past.  You have the strength and the wisdom.  You need to build the will power.

 You are beloved, and the great White Eagle, the power animal of the north, is there to protect and guide you.  Thank you.

 Jonette Crowley is author of

 “The Eagle and the Condor: A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey.”

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