What Questions Do You Ask Yourself?

As I travel around the world I’m often asked how the people in each country differ. Mostly I’m amazed at how deeply similar we all are. We have found an inner universal spirituality, no matter what our early religious training has been.

The question of national differences keeps popping up. So here is what I’ve noticed... of course... it is ‘tongue in cheek.’ I hope these observations make you smile. ????


Questions people ask themselves:

- Americans: “How can I make money on this?”

- Australians: “How can I make this easier?”

- Scandinavians: “What will everyone think if I do this?”

- Germans: “Am I doing this right?”

- Dutch: “How much will this cost?”

- Swiss: “Does this follow the rules?”

- Polish: “How can I make this work?”

- English: “How can I organize this?”

- Italians: “How can I get around this?”

- French: “Who cares?”

But of course the questions those of us who are reading this are really asking ourselves is: “How can I be a better person?” and “How can I make this world a better place?”


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Thank you for reading and taking the time to answer 🙂 

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