Call to Mastery Mentoring

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Check with your higher self to see if this is right for you now!


Call to Mastery 6-Month Masters Program

Limited to 12 People

MARK has been pushing me to create a mentoring platform for profound, accelerated spiritual growth for 12 dedicated students. I’ve ignored his call for the last few years because the job seemed too big. But now, neither you nor I can ignore the Call to Mastery that is reverberating through the dimensions. MARK sees that our individual evolution will become an energetic hub to drive forward the growth of countless others.

As a Kumara, a Grandmother, and White Buffalo Woman, I will push you and know that you will push me. Together we’ll support each other to go beyond what any of us knows and beyond what we can imagine for ourselves.

This is not therapy. We are looking for already self-actualized people who are seeking even more from their spiritual life.



A Call to Mastery is reverberating through the dimensions... Are you ready to answer it?

  • Do you already live your life in trust and have heard the call to a higher level of spiritual being?
  • Do you wish to be all you can be in this pivotal year of 2022, The Year of Truth?
  • Are you committed to actualizing your highest potential in this life?
  • Are you ready to look deeply into yourself, take action and make changes?
  • Do you embrace the miraculous transformational power of Spirit?
  • Do you know yourself as a Way-shower, a Light-leader, even if it is quietly?
  • Are ready to be on purpose, standing in your power and truth?
  • Are you already happy and balanced yet wanting to take everything to a higher level?

Program Includes:

  • 5 monthly personal sessions with Jonette.
  • A recorded meditation channeled specifically with you.
  • 2 full-day Zoom gatherings - Sundays 7:00-14:00 MT
  • 4 half-day Zoom gatherings - Sundays 9:00-13:00 MT
  • Weekly ‘star-group’ Mastermind meetings of 6 (without Jonette).
  • A What’s App group to share breakthroughs, insights, and get support.
  • Personal access to Jonette through her direct email.

There is no syllabus since the process and the outcomes are unscripted. However, activations and initiations will be part of our one-on-one meetings and our group gatherings. Some homework such as meditation, Soul Body Fusion®, journaling, or special projects may be assigned. Dates are subject to change.


Jan 1: 1st payment due to secure your spot

Jan 25 & 26: Private Sessions

July 29: Full-day Zoom Meeting


Feb 22 & 23: Private Sessions

Feb 26: Half-day Zoom Meeting


Mar 15: 2nd Installment Due

Mar 30 & 31: Private Sessions

Mar: Zoom Meeting will be on Apr 2


Apr 2: Half-day Zoom Meeting

Apr 19 & 20: Private Sessions

Apr 30: Half-day Zoom Meeting


May 18 & 19: Private Sessions

May 21: Half-day Zoom Meeting



June 22 & 23: Private Sessions

June 25: Full-day Zoom Meeting


The full cost is $4,400 USD, payable in 2 installments

  • $2,200 upon acceptance into the program.
  • $2,200 is due by March 15, 2023
  • We accept credit cards, Transferwise, or US checks.
  • No scholarships will be offered


The program is based on the sacred geometry of two 6-pointed star groups. Thus enrollment is strictly limited to 12 people. Please only sign up if you are able to meet the time and financial commitments. If you have any questions about the program, please email

Let's join together on the wings of transcendence.


What Participants Are Saying:


“It has been the most overwhelming experience ever. I feel extraordinary power.”  - Lacramioara, Romania


"I feel so happy knowing I am exactly where I need to be at this time. Being guided by Jonette and doing all this new creating."  - Brian, Germany


"The master mentoring program is a deep inner and outer journey - that will awaken you into your inner peace. That peace will shine from your glowing golden heart to the world. The program will let you shine from within."  -  Lisa, Sweden


“I am Wisdom. I am Peace.  It took me 70 years for this.”  - Wenche, Norway