SOUL Retreat Cyprus Aphrodite Rising

September 6-13, 2023

Jonette had a vision of Aphrodite emerging from her hot tub 😃 so she decided that was a sign to do the trip this fall! We are working on the details, which we will release to the VIP list first.

8 Days of transformation in the Mediterranean

This Soul Retreat is for YOU... Remembering who you are and who you are yet to become

Aphrodite beckons you to the mystical island of Cyprus to nurture your Soul. Re-awaken your essence at the birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty. This Soul Retreat is for all parts of you. For your Spirit, there are meditations and initiations. Find peace and wisdom in the workshops and channelings with Jonette. Find joy on a walk on the Aphrodite Trail, snorkel the Blue Lagoon, explore the Dragon’s Cave. For your heart, there are friendships— deep Soul connections, love, and laughter. This Retreat is a gift to YOU!

  • Jonette Channeling MARK
  • Soul Body Fusion®
  • Ceremonies for the Soul
  • Exploration of Beautiful Cyprus
Doorway Cyprus

Soul Body Fusion®

Soul Body Fusion logo

Soul Body Fusion® is an integral part of this Retreat for all participants. If you would like to take Soul Body Fusion to the next level, Jonette will have extra workshop time during the Retreat to complete your Practitioner's Certification. You must pre-register for the Certification and pay an additional $250 for the course. Details will be in the registration package.

Highlights of the SOUL Retreat Cyprus


Immerse in the Energy of the Ancients

Connect with the Goddess energy at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite temple complex where Aphrodite arrived when she rose from the sea. (Venus is the Roman name for this goddess.) This Sanctuary, mentioned in the Odyssey, was a sacred place of pilgrimage in ancient times. Jonette will lead a meditation to re-establish a deep connection with the divine feminine within us and the world. Next, we visit the ‘Tombs of the Kings’ a  UNESCO World Heritage Site of monumental underground tombs carved out of solid rock dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times. 


Nourish Your Soul

The purpose of our Soul Retreat is rejuvenation at all levels. The beauty and quietness of this ancient Mediterranean island support you to delve deeply and find joy everywhere. You are rebalanced with Soul Body Fusion®, allowing your Light Body to shine forth from your radiant cells. Jonette will channel MARK for meditations and answers to your questions. You’ll work together with new friends and old in spiritual exercises to connect with your own spiritual guidance. This Retreat is for all parts of YOU!

Cleanse Your Spirit

Cleansing Ceremony at The Baths of Aphrodites, a grotto shaded by an old fig tree, amidst lush greenery. This is said to be where the goddess met Adonis who fell in love with her as soon as he drank the water from the cave.  Hike around the Akamas nature preserve, as a pilgrimage, releasing what no longer serves us and opening to what is next for our Soul. Our goal is the ruins of an old monastery in this ancient forest. We then head to charming Pomos and visit a special place Jonette discovered last year, The Cave of the Dragon. Jonette will lead a meditation to see what insights and powers we are ready for now. 


Connect with the Sea

We treat ourselves to a soul connection with the sea. We depart from the pier at Latchi to enjoy a day snorkeling and swimming at the Blue Lagoon, one of the most isolated and beautiful beaches in Cyprus. The lagoon boasts crystal blue water and a shallow sandy bottom, as well as a beautiful reef to enjoy the abundant underwater life. 



The adventure, the experiences, the meditations,

the initiations, the personal transformations,

the fun, the friendships

…are life-changing






"The journey to Tibet was a wonderful adventure in an awesome sacred land. I loved the teachings and the sharing of beautiful gifts among ourselves, with the land and its people. It was intense on all levels, with profound spiritual insights – and I know, this journey has changed me forever."

DanaGita, Austria

“Jonette's trips are always an incredibly rich blend of fascinating new places, power sites, beautiful nature, potent meditations and wonderful people.  If you feel drawn to participate in one, be assured that you will find it deeply fulfilling and treasure the experiences for the rest of your life.” 

Brenda, United Kingdom

"This was a most spectacular tour, full of breathtaking sights, inner experiences and group meditations. The MARK-channels were so strong.  I was able to connect to past lives and integrate lost aspects. 

To be with Jonette was so delightful and the group became a family within just a few days. I will never forget this wonderful tour and look forward to my next experiences with our "spiritual Indiana Jones" 

 Asar, Switzerland

“The journey to Cambodia was phenomenal! Beyond expectations… I loved it all! The harmony in the group  and the support that ensued was beyond anything ever encountered, causing shifts I can hardly fathom.”  

Daphne, Netherlands
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