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Living Your Divinity April 24 -25

April 25 @ 2:00 pm - April 26 @ 6:00 pm CEST

Special 4 hour mini-seminar via Zoom livestream

You are Divine. You have always been Divine. Yet that knowledge has been buried so deeply that most of us have been unable to break through and live that way.

 “It is now time for those of you who’ve been given the DNA for change to step out from the comfortable herd and follow the instincts that have been imprinted in you. You must listen to your voice in the world. Your safety is not where you found it before. It’s in following your heart. You will be more looked after than you know.”    Channeled from MARK

MARK’s channeled work with Jonette over the past 30 years has reached a pinnacle. Together we’ve managed to experience a level of consciousness that is beyond the matrix of past limitations. We have access to a field of Divinity that re-organizes who we are and how we know ourselves. We see ourselves as Creators, as self-realized beings with the power of the cosmos running through our veins.

This workshop will lift you to be part of this incredible field of human consciousness where potential and peace abound. Once you experience this kind of Divinity it becomes a doorway for you. Your divine frequency intensifies— creating major and minor shifts for good in your life. You see yourself and the world with a clear vision from a permanently ascended perspective.

Jonette channeling MARK creates this workshop in the moment, always bringing in the highest possible potentials. You are energized to follow your truth, helping humanity and Mother Earth along the way. You can feel the energy! You can feel the change! You leave trusting the magnificence of you!

All of this takes place in what MARK calls the 10th Dimension of ‘Relativity.’ This is a level of expanded human consciousness that is about the relationship between all things throughout time/space. We find ourselves experiencing the Universe from beyond our small identity. We become universal consciousness touching Oneness. Our life takes on a higher meaning, a deep release from stress as we witness our participation in the entire pattern of universality.

You’ll forever live your Divinity. The power of Spirit is yours


April 25 @ 2:00 pm
April 26 @ 6:00 pm
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3-day Package Price

Kr. 2400,-

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In English


Copenhagen Denmark – Betina Ekman
61 55 52 88


On-line via Zoom
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What People Are Saying

Denmark Icon

Once again this was an incredible and giving workshop. Jonette put into words what I already know but somehow forgot along the way. I’m in big gratitude for the gifts I received.



US Icon

I want to convey my appreciation and gratitude for what you are doing/be... ing. The expansion is creational in the highest sense of the word. It opens doors-- that open doors beyond conception. Magnificent! Thrilling!




What an amazing class Jonette! I found myself in a very, very present state… not going anywhere but feeling something of an absolute deepness and profoundness.




There is no END to the potentials here!



US Icon

These days with MARK led to my discovery that I have never been committed to my body. I am new, committed and feel quite different!     



Denmark Icon

Many openings, and yesterday I was again open for the 10th dimension. This morning I was walking in Nature. I was completely open and transparent. I am home now. I reached the Field. I am connected in a deeper way…that words can`t explain. Thank you to Life itself.



netherlands icon

After the weekend a lot changed in me. I do not hesitate anymore. I know what is good and what is not. The ‘knowing’ gives my mind a rest. I call it a miracle! 



US Icon

Jonette’s channeling continues to get more powerful, and her latest workshops were no exception. It’s difficult to describe the sense of renewal and expansion that occurred! I felt the energetic fields and possibilities that her guided meditations connected us to. I left feeling that we are so much more than our physical cells. Wow!