Denver, Colorado

Embodied Universality Part 2: Gaia
Current 'MARK' Course - The 10th Dimension

Embodied Universality Part 2: Gaia Class 1

Next Class: Monday, October 29th

Class time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Price: $35.00 for drop ins

Contact: Susan at 303-689-9318 or  [email protected] for questions

Class held at: First Spiritual Science Church of Denver at 3375 S. Dahlia Denver, CO 80222


All the classes in this series are on Monday nights and these are the dates: August 6, August 13, August 20, October 29, November 5, November 12, December 17 and January 14.  

Course Details: We’ll explore our relationship with all of nature, Mother Earth, and our solar system. What if you could connect with Gaia is such a way that you are more than you? More than Gaia? The focus will be transformation through interconnection that is Earth-spirit or Gaia based. The presence of you as a part of nature will be expanded, leaving you feeling more embodied and at home here than ever before possible.

Amazing Experiences From Previous Workshops

Thank you for these awesome life-changing days! The biggest insight is to be more grounded and do everything effortlessly! I have never felt so much at ease and I am full of joy and gratitude since then! Your transmissions changed every cell in body profoundly.




Thank you for a wonderful, very powerful weekend. I have been inspired. My own powers have grown so much and you have opened up more power in my chakras. 




We had an amazing weekend together! The energies built over the days into a healing, centering and uplifting state of grand beauty. Our hearts opened increasingly and we connected more and more into our own divinity and the silent space within. What a gift to all of us! Thank you so much for opening us to these magnificent, expanding spaces of divinity! 




Jonette’s course has allowed me to release my fears and raise my spiritual being. Her meditations gently move you through the levels of awakening. Truly life-changing! 


United States


What happened this weekend is beyond words. I feel that years of signs, feelings and meetings with people all have fallen into place within me. The past months I've had experiences that prepared me. The initiation was the final piece of the puzzle. I have infinite love for you. You are amazing!! 




The MARK workshop was full of insight, activations, awareness, presence and love. The experience was life altering, shifting me higher and awakening me on a deeper level. Thank you for your knowledge, guidance and love! 


United States