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2018 A Master Year

This November 11th is especially powerful because 2018 is also an 11 year – a master number. 11/11/11 represents a major gateway to blast us through pre-existing limitations. This energetic opening presents us with the choice for growth leading to major personal and planetary transformation.

I’ve named 2018  the ‘Year of Activations.’ As a master year everything is amplified, with the potential to lift us into a higher spiral of being. We are reminded to be aware not reactive.

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11-11-11 Cosmic Gateway

"11/11/11 represents a major gateway to blast us through pre-existing limitations"

Darkness Cannot Deny the Dawn

Numerological 11/11 is always a gateway. To the inner, it opens deep into our intuition and subconscious where our enhanced awareness can unlock and resolve old patterns. In the outer, this portal gives us access to higher dimensions and cosmic consciousness, anchoring potentials never before manifest. It gives a massive upgrade to our personal connection to the divine.

An 11 has two sides, like two columns of a door, each representing a polarity. We are invited to choose beyond duality to enter into the portal or ‘the space between.’ Some of you will experience this Activation as a leap into the void, surrendering yourself into the infinite possibilities of the unknown.

Vibrationally the 11 is identified with Shambala, meaning a place of peace, tranquility and happiness. It represents co-creation of heaven on Earth. We envision the embodiment within ourselves and our physical world of endless goodness, light and love. These qualities are infinite truths of the Universe, truths that have been somewhat occluded by the overlay of a false matrix of darkness. With this 11/11/11 Activation we are reminded that “Darkness cannot deny the dawn.”

The freedom to choose is a major element of this 11/11/11 gateway day. Choosing transformation at a higher rung than ever before allows us to become infinite conduits of possibilities. Our vibrational frequency becomes increased through this portal, enabling us to hold more light and harmony, and to experience greater flow in all areas of our life.

11-11-1918 Armistice Day

Exactly 100 years previously on this day, November 11, 1918, at 11 AM Paris time the Armistice was signed ending World War I. Today we enter the 11/11/11 Portal as an activation of peace at an even higher level than has been possible before. We hold this vision together with our brothers and sisters across the world with our unified, empowered commitment.

In the UK the red poppy symbolizes hope, It is traditionally worn on Armistice or Remberence Day



08-08-18 Lion's Gate


We recommend that you watch Jonette's Lion's Gate activation recorded on 8-8-18 to prepare you for the Cosmic Portal of Peace

This Activation brings you strength and stability
in our increasingly complex and often unbalanced reality.

August 8 has traditionally been called the Lion’s Gate… an energetic opening in Leo.  This time is especially powerful because the day is surrounded by eclipses…a total lunar eclipse on July 27/28 and a partial solar eclipse on August 11. 

Jonette begins with her Soul Body Fusion®. Your full presence here enables rapid expansion of your ability to navigate and to thrive through chaos. You'll embody the strength of the lion, as you allow your old fears and limitations to drop away.

Next, with Jonette’s energetic Activation transmission, you proceed through the Lion’s Gate. Here you can expect major shifts in your life. Higher energies and the patterns/codes that help you easily integrate them become more available to you. You will notice an increasing awareness of the bigger picture, bringing you the confidence to live your life more powerfully.

Know that the stars and the cosmos support you in your next level of personal growth. It is important that you move forward without the baggage of the past. 

The more people...the more powerful!!

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Jonette has been called one of the world’s purest channels. She is a globally known spiritual teacher and best-selling author. She founded the Center for Creative Consciousness in the early 1990’s to support humanity’s spiritual awakening. Jonette has powerful gifts of clairvoyance, healing, and the unique ability to lift others to experience their own spiritual truths.

As a shaman in the ancient lineage of the Sun and a modern day mystic, she explores the inner planes and maps the higher dimensions of consciousness so they can be explained and made accessible to others. Her book The Eagle and the Condor—A True Story of an Unexpected Mystical Journey is now in 12 languages.

In order to help people truly embody their divinity Jonette has created the powerful Soul Body Fusion® technique for healing and wholeness. It is a remarkably simple process yielding profound and immediate results. Her book Soul Body Fusion®— the Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond is now in 10 languages. She teaches this in workshops around the world and certifies Soul Body Fusion® Teachers.

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