2017 The Year of Awakening

Multi-Dimensional Mastery: Creating from a Higher Reality

Jonette Channeling MARK, Weekend Workshop

Multi-Dimensional Mastery: Creating from a Higher Reality

Jonette Channeling MARK, Weekend Workshop

“You are giving birth to a more amazing version of you. You are transcending your ego and fear-based personality. You flip into the higher dimensions as your base. Now you can explore your projection on this Earth, rather than being on the Earth exploring the higher worlds.”  MARK

We are all creating a new world, using tools of awareness that have never been possible before. We now have the opportunities to transcend the density of collective consciousness. Our life grows in ease and meaning as we expand our skills to become adept at the higher dimensions of flow.

Jonette's work channeling MARK over the past 25 years has brought us to the 10th Dimension—the experience of ‘Relativity,’ the relationship between all things, the field of interconnections. When we begin to grasp this infinite, complex wholeness, we become unhooked from limitation, giving us access to the vast multi-dimensional world. The outcome is that the part of you that has been dormant becomes permanently awake. You are transformed into a being who can create your life from a higher reality.

One of our main objectives with this workshop is to open up our often in-accessible right brain—that creative part of ourself that connects us to the worlds beyond logic and language. With our whole brain activated we remember we are the thinker and not the thoughts. We are creator of more than we ever thought possible.

Processes and topics include:

  • Experiencing the ‘zero point’ or quantum void
  • Pineal activation and right brain opening
  • Crown of Fire initiation
  • Holding and transmitting a field of possibilities to others
  • Creating and manifesting from a higher reality
  • Aligning yourself with guidance and support for these new times
  • Moving to a neutral space of non-judgment
  • Choosing your next steps

In this weekend of profound growth we seek Mastery. We allow ourselves to move unbounded by space and time. We find Gnosis—the direct experience of the Divine; wisdom beyond words that transforms us.

Because the Earth’s frequencies and human consciousness are changing so rapidly, Jonette and MARK create a workshop based on the moment. The weekend unfolds, taking all to the highest spaces possible. Your life is greater than you could ever have imagined!

Harness All Your Divinity: add on Friday's Workshop

'Downloading Your Divinity— Embodying Today’s Higher Frequenciesf'

European Tour Spring 2017


Zurich Group

Furth Germany

Comments from Copenhagen Workshop

"I feel connected to all multidimensionality and anchored in my heart. Transformed."

Eva from Denmark

"Thank you for a wonderful, very powerful weekend. I have been inspired. My own powers have grown so much and you have opened up more power in my chakras."

Birte from Denmark 

"This weekend has been transforming for me. I had so MANY amazing experiences that I had never had before! I'm not visual, but this weekend I SAW. Just 3 days to work with magic—MARK and Jonette— has been the best time for me in many years. I'm not the same person and will never be. Thank you so much for all the love."

Ine from Denmark

"Thank you so much for three amazing and transforming days. I feel totally different and for the first time in my life I feel safe and at home here on Earth. I am forever grateful. You are truly a gift."

Maj-Brit from Denmark

"Thank you for another fantastic seminar. You and 'MARK' have been my greatest inspiration for years now and I will continue our work in spirit. You have been one of the reasons that I am now finally giving into my spiritual gifts and powers!

Alex from Denmark