Extreme Prejudice

by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2011

 In my quest not to be hypnotized about current events by government, media, or popular opinions, I’ve been allowing myself to be guided to books that tell inconvenient truths. Last week I read and was spell-bound by the book by Susan Lindauer: Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq. The bottom line is that Susan was a life-long peace activist and spiritual person who, because of her contacts with officials in Iraq and Libya, became a “back-channel” asset working for CIA handlers to negotiate tricky issues between those countries and the U.S.. Because of her intelligence work she warned the Bush administration, prior to 9/11, about an imminent attack to lower Manhattan–most likely the World Trade Center–that would involve hijacked airplanes. No one listened. Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi officials had already approved a plan for peace. There didn’t need to be a war. Once Susan started talking and the Bush administration didn’t like what she was saying, she was arrested under the Patriot Act and thrown in prison for a year…without a trial! She was nearly forced to be drugged in prison so she “would forget her past.”  I plan to continue to read books and blogs that open up the blinders so that I can begin to see truth…even if it isn’t what I want to hear. If we say we want secrets to be out in the open, corruption revealed, and the light to shine in all the dark corners, we must inform ourselves. The energy of our awakening can have a bigger impact than we know.

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  1. Justyna Pers on October 29, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Thank you, Jonette. We need to finally open to the uncomfortable truths and let the light in…

  2. Warner on October 27, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Does it make sense to read what we do not take action on? Time is precious and limited for each of us. It is imperitive that we remain positive and have an attitude that fosters growth. The past is done. Unless you are going to take action to correct a wrong, focus your energy on what you can and are willing to do. Yes Bush sucked! Yes the US government is out of control.

  3. janmurk on October 27, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Dear Jonette,

    When I read your blog, there was a silent coming to me, in that space the words of Mooji came to my mind: ” To change the world is not your business. To change your self is not your duty. To awaken to your true nature is your opportunity.”
    I wonder often if I should take up action on the world as it is brought to me by others or should I try and follow the above words, do what I can in the world, preceived through my senses. Sometimes the last way seems indifferent to the world and its problems, but than again where is that world preceived?
    The thing I experience is that when I get involved in the “brought to me world”, I am not here, but some where of in my mind and not open to whatever unfolds upon my path

    I wondered what Mark would tell us in this area…

    The way you are and do, is contributing in opening my world(view) and acting upon it in real time.

    thanks for being You

  4. Gunnhild Margrete Aal on October 27, 2011 at 7:03 am

    “…we must inform ourselves…” is a smart way to put it! For about a year now, I’ve been working with the facts and feelings surrounding the possibility that the entire world system might change into SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW! – And the forming of inner acceptance, the guts to move on and just wait and see and the courage to stay. I remind myself over and over again, that the reason I’m still here, is that I am fully capable of solving any oncoming situation to the best for the moment. I’m needed, even though I don’t see it myself. I send this message to anyone living today: You are needed – in more ways that you’ll know by now. Don’t let us down. Stay and be courageous. Make sure that your own thruts stand the light that is coming – start today, and you may say, if something your regret shows up: ” I didn’t know better. I’ve changed.” – and let YOUR BEST be your guide – not more (because you then start reproaching yourself) – not less (because you then will be confronted with your evasions). Just be YOU – that’s enough. And have courage.

  5. Jennifer Grainger on October 26, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    thanks, Jonette for being part of the light that is here to bring the darkness into the light.

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