How to access Monthly Meditation Recordings

The recordings, Video (MP4) and Audio (MP3) files, will be added to the Downloads & Links tab of your User Account on the 6th of every month:

  • Audio link - Click to automatically download the audio file
  • Video link - The video button will bring you to the Zoom recordings page with an option to download or watch the video files.
    • The download option is on the upper right corner of Zoom page. Please note that the downloading process is controlled in YOUR browser settings.

On mobile phones only: To download video, you might need to rotate your screen to a horizontal view to see the Download button at the top right of the Zoom page.

Procedures depend on your devices and setting so please search Google for specific instructions or refer to the links at the bottom.

Apple now allows you to download MP3 files directly to your phone assuming you have IOS 13 or above. The files will not be added to your music library. Instead, they will be stored in your Files. To download a file in Safari, just tap on a download link on a website or tap and hold on a link and then tap Download Linked File.

Meditation description: The description of each month’s meditation can be found by clicking on the blue product title on the left column of your Downloads & Links tab.

Additional Help Topics:

How to change download settings in Chrome:

How to change download settings in Safari:

How to change download settings in Firefox:

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