By White Eagle

Grace is best spoken in the words of a poet. Grace is the hushed silence you feel as you look out over a moonlit snow. Grace is that encompassing love you feel as you see a newborn babe. Grace is the majesty of a giant sequoia as it raises its head above the forest. Grace is the still pool, and the rushing of the falls.

Grace is the melting of season into season. Grace is the unexpected thunderstorm. It is the space between your breaths. It is the sound between the notes. It is the space in which love expands into infinity. You often feel it in the quiet times. But it is there too, in the loudness and laughter of life. It is the blessing of God upon mankind. And it is mankind’s blessing back to God through joy, passion and enthusiasm for life.


Grace is the energy of love. It is the essence of your life. It is the active energy of spirit. You are grace. You are touched with it and you touch it. Grace is love so true, so strong that it grows. You may ask, “How do I get it? And how can I keep it? What do I do with it once I have it?” Grace is beyond those words. Be open and you live in it. For grace is the power of life. It is the blessing of spirit.


The Earth is now being bathed in grace at levels before un experienced. You will feel it more often, and once you begin to feel it, you will recognize it in those places that it has always been. My blessing to you is that grace and its power and majesty will be recognized in all that you see.

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