Guest Blog by Barbara A. Baker– Animal Communication for Everyone!

DoggieHi! Wow ~ its my sincere pleasure to respond to Jonette’s generous and kind invitation to write for her blog “the top three most important things to know about animal communication”.  I met Jonette in the early 90’s when I began studying with her and White Eagle and soon after, Mark. I was then consciously practicing telepathic animal communication yet it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that I began to openly provide this service and to teach.

ALL humans (people) are animal (non-human being) communicators ~ it’s just that, like singing, only some rise to the performance stage. The below steps are meaningful for everyone, regardless of your real or perceived, known or unknown, abilities as an intuitive or if you’ve any animals in your daily life or not.

Animals have consistently told me over the years the single most important human step in hearing from them is to create blank spaces in your mind. To accomplish this, practice at least daily meditation and more frequent mind quieting techniques such as conscious breathing, single pointed visualizing, and thinking only in the “now” moment. It’s in these blank places that they send us their messages. We all receive from them yet relatively few are able to discern and acknowledge their effort. Their communicated messages to us appear as “different” from our own. It’s incumbent on us to be aware enough to notice what is often only a subtle difference.

The two most important points in sending them communication are using the power of intentional thinking to think only what you want them to do or know and to never say or think what you do not, recognizing the secret to success is to omit “no”, “never”, and “not” from your vocabulary. Literally, think only in the positive.

Here’s why: imagine a dog running into the road (not a dog you know, please). Now say out loud, “don’t go into the road!” What happened to your mental image? Nothing, you kept picturing the dog going into the road. Now say, “stay on the sidewalk!” Notice your mind then created a new image of the dog safely on the sidewalk.

Animals do pay attention to our voice, feelings, and body language, however most important is what we are picturing with our minds.

So, no worries allowed! Think happy outcomes and send blessings.


Barbara A Baker

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