Guest Blog: "I come before you naked, stoned and stabbed…" By Mark French

I come before you 
naked, stoned and stabbed…
    by Mark French
I come before you naked, stoned and stabbed
Broken open beyond vulnerability
I stand in front of you as I would a mirror
To see what is reflected back.
A don Quixote exhausted from the final windmill’s surge
I’ve dismounted placing my lance upon the ground
No fight left, no passion, no desire
… and only now it is I hear Gabriel’s horn so crisp, so clear.
It seems so elementary, what I am called to do.
Yet, for a decade it’s all I desired and never transpired.
This vision, this place in space to serve as a beacon
To usher in the christed cosmic consciousness.
A lighthouse beacon into a weary, polluted world
Pulsing fire light, violet flame, transmuting
Calling home the seekers to find
From once they’ve come, for why they came.
Deep remembrance.
New Dawn.
Pulsing Beam of Home right here.
And now, that I’ve finally given up on this dream, this vision
It returns from the green pastures, from once it began,
Yet again whispering, beckoning
Now that I’ve relinquished trying to make it happen,
   it seems to be happening; quietly and in full.
Each face, each YOU will be here/ there;  we shall congregate
This site is to be initiated, activated and imbued/impregnated
This site is the new dawn of living-love grounded
A vibration that has henceforth not been able to anchor or stabilize here.
A new species, the bicameral gap resealed.
Whole. (walking dolphins)
I have always gone home before at this juncture.
To be home here is quite a switch!
All earthly vessels must be recalibrated
Stepping onto this sacred site shall do so posthaste
What we have all done until now has been long division by comparison
What our many faces of ONE have co-created is this that is now to be offered,
   now being received in the exquisite ethers and formed into a brand new reality!
The new children come in knowing!
I have but one clue as to how to begin this.
   I guess I am going.
Weird this labor of eye without an “I” . . .


  1. Anna Ottosson on December 15, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    I love(d) reading this! Thank you!

  2. mark french on December 6, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    mark speaks MARK
    in a lesser frequency (AM radio version)

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