Downloading From Zoom - Helpful Hints

If you need more detailed help, please use Google to find other tutorials or information


See Screenshot #1 - Zoom Basics

Click on 'Download' option on the upper right-hand corner of the zoom screen to start the automatic downloading process.

There are 3 files per recording video (mp4), audio (m4a), and chat (txt) indicted by (3 files) after 'Download'.

  • These files (# indicated next to Download) will be downloaded to your computer
  • Automatic downloading will initiate for all 3 file types, starting with the video, then audio, then chat
  • The files will usually to your Downloads folder but this varies depending on your individual computer settings.
  • See Screenshot #2 for help on saving, renaming files and skipping file types

Each class might have multiple recordings (with 3 files types each)

  • This is indicated by (>| Total # Recordings) on the bottom left side of the screen
  • Use the forward icon (>|) to navigate to the next Recording
  • Zoom will download in the following order: Recording #1: video > audio > chat, then Recording #2: video > audio > chat.

See Screenshot #2 - Zoom Saving details

  • How to rename files and choose a saving location (Mac Example)
  • How to pick and choose files types (ie skip video and download audio files)

Audio File Information

  • Zoom audios are in M4a format they can be converted to MP3 (use google to find what conversion method works for you.
  • Some of our classes include Edited Audio Tracks in MP3 format. If available, these audio files are released several days after the zoom files.

Screenshot #1 - Zoom Basics

Screenshot #2 - Zoom - saving details