Imagine that Trust is Your Default

Art from the Cosmos 7 - Mandala 7

This amazing channeled art comes from Brad Johnson, a Christmas tree farmer in Minnesota. For years he has been receiving these drawings, not understanding their purpose. This is the first time he has made them public. Enjoy their power and potential!

Included with this week’s drawing is a channeling I did recently from Mark’s Quantum Consciousness course series: Creation Part III, class 8.

“Welcome. This is Mark.

Mandala 7Trust will be your default rather than an emotion that you must summon up. Imagine deeply trusting. Trust is part of acceptance. They go hand in hand. Imagine how stress disappears when trust and acceptance are your fundament.

“There may be times you think you’re going crazy because your judging self that determines what’s crazy or not, has been overridden by your wordless experience. You will be much more comfortable in wordlessness— finding such untruth in words. You will need to seek more silence, more space in your life. Notice that you may have thoughts but they aren’t as connected as they used to be.

“Allow yourself to experience what is so now for you.

Notice how big you are becoming by not thinking about you. Imagine now that the Universe resides within your awareness.

“As you begin to give birth to the awareness that creates the actual experience of multiple parallel realities, you will notice that your intuition becomes much sharper and clearer. You begin to know things with certainty that are unknowable. This is the cusp of a reality of incredible growth for human consciousness. We thank you for being explorers of that which doesn’t exist until you arrive there!”

(Copyright 2014

‘Mark’ is a cosmic being channeled by Jonette since 1989. His goal is to lift humanity above the structures of our 3-D consciousness. “Your reality is a reflection of your level of consciousness.” He leads weekly recorded courses introducing us experientially to the higher dimensions of awakening. This is exploration at the very edges of human spiritual awareness. There is nothing like these on-going courses for expansion and transformation. To get a taste of ‘Mark’ for free, go to our ‘Listening Room.’ Click here to order current or past Mark courses as audio links, CD’s, or simply get the transcripts.

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