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“2018 is the ‘Year of Activations’ and the year of taking actions”, said Jonette last time I saw her. I had the chance to interview her during a workshop in the Netherlands in which she was channeling 'MARK.' The days were life-changing because she was also activating our brain hemispheres. I was curious to know: how I could bring this knowledge into my everyday life once the workshop was over? So, I asked her about being a real creator. What does that really mean?

"First, what is 'consciousness'?"

Jonette: “Consciousness is a field in which we can be aware, and it includes all things. Everything is enfolded; for example: god and the awareness of god. When I say that humanity is in a higher consciousness now, I mean that we are more aware of what is out there; it is the space and it is also the awareness of the space."

This explanation evoked some new questions. But let’s say, consciousness is the 'flash light,' this is the light, through all the darkness around it. It includes simply everything and it is an energetic field with different levels. In her meditations, Jonette and 'MARK' are opening new borders. They guide into the dark; into new realms, dimensions, and spaces. Every participant just feels so much, being a part of it.

"In this workshop we received several initiations.

Could you say something about the impact?"

Jonette: “Initiations are always a breakthrough. But they are only a beginning. The real challenge is then: How do we design ourselves from a whole new pattern? And right now, from a pattern that has never existed before. You know, we have always been following patterns, they were laid down by the mystics and ancient ones to lead us to where we are. And now we are at a place where we cannot follow in their footsteps anymore, because their footsteps do not go further than this. This is where we launch off! And that is the challenge. Will humanity fly with our wings? Or will we continue the spiral in self-destruction? I am told that the possibility of self-destruction is gone and not a potentiality anymore. And I totally understand that. I see it in groups. As above, so below; If we can experience human consciousness this high in this four-day workshop, than I know that human consciousness is that high everywhere.”

"In one meditation, I saw my foot in a shoe which was far too small, while the other one was in a shoe that was too big ..."

Jonette: Well, that is a very good picture of the situation!” (laughing)


"How can I grow into this new shoe? Or what does it mean, to create my life?"

Jonette: "You make your path by walking," was the first phrase I ever received from Spirit. You can create any road from this day on and that will be your path… and the next step will also create your path. I believe that there are no karmic contracts anymore. There are no more soul missions that we must accomplish. We manifest our own self-expression. A dancer’s self-expression is to dance, that means: she has to dance! When people manifest themselves, they are creating their path, rather than choosing their path. It is like: "My mum wants me being a doctor, so I am a doctor." This makes the path, but it does not make you! It makes you into a false you. We are not given roadmaps anymore or paths or contracts, and we’re getting less and less guidance. There will be impulses or inspiration. They will come any moment and they might not say: "I am coming from Metatron, Archangel Michael, Mark or White Eagle…"  It’s just you! When this happens we know that we have really graduated. We no longer must give our power or guidance a different name."


Is this then called “mastery”?

Jonette: 'MARK' says we are moving beyond mastery, because mastery still has subjects and objects. In mastery there is still a sense of accomplishment, for example: "I have mastered this!" 'MARK' channels that in a 10th dimensional space; we are creators. Creation is spontaneous and temporary. Being a master is still about lessons and earning it. For many people, mastery is a precondition for creation. But obviously, creators cannot need a precondition."


“ We should stop trying to make our spiritual life and our ordinary life different."

'MARK' channeled by Jonette

"How can I be a creator in my ordinary life?"

Jonette: “We believe, a singer is only creating when she is singing. We think that we never create when we are doing the dishes. But creating is where you come from. It is irrespective of what you are doing. For example: I love to be in front of groups teaching my workshops, but to do this I have to spend a lot of time doing other things like writing e-mails and making business plans. But I love that too. I don’t separate this from my  ‘real’ job of teaching. 'MARK' has channeled that we should stop trying to make our spiritual life and our ordinary life different. So, you are a creator when you are washing the dishes, when you are doing your accounting. How do you know? It’s because you don’t resent it. You don’t resent doing your taxes or having to do e-mails. They are a part of the flow too! So how do you be a creator in your daily life?: Be present with it, enjoy whatever it is and don't resent it! Because when you judge and say "this is not as important as what I really want to do," you have already screwed yourself up! We all do this! So, it is really about being present with what is, and being joyful.”

"It sounds like giving a new sense to what I am doing?"

Jonette: “Exactly. Because when you are present with what you are doing, it becomes infinitely interesting. For example: with this apple, I am about to eat, I am in a space of creation. Creator, creation, creating - that is all the same thing, because there is no time separating them. So, being a creator is where we come from, not what we produce. We still have a production viewpoint of creation: "I am not a creator unless something comes from it." So, we miss the point in it! Creating is, where we come from, it is how we stand in the world. It’s joyful … It’s being like a child. Children create every day their own day! That is the most important thing about creation.”

"A part of creation is the idea that everything comes to us when we believe it. Would you agree on that?"

Jonette: “Yes, but some people misunderstand it and they believe that they don’t have to do anything and it will just come, while they just sit on their sofa. It will come to you, if you are following your inspiration and doing what your inspiration says. For example: I write down what my inspiration says. The voice said recently that I have to rent a professional studio and do a workshop there. I would not have done it otherwise, but I listened, and by taking action it will open up doors that I don’t even know. (Jonette’s new Dancing Through Dimensions—An Explorer’s Guide to the Quantum Universe video series is the result of this.) So, you have to take action toward it by listening to your inspiration. It does not mean being passive. You also have to trust that the Universe’s timing is smarter than yours, and just because you want something really badly, does not mean that the Universe thinks it’s a good idea. For instance, most people don’t want a disease, but that may open the door to their growth. Other people don’t want a divorce, but that opens the door for something new. So, we are not always good judges of what is best for us.”

"I am wondering what kind of questions you are asking, when you are traveling with 'MARK.' What is your question that brings you to the next level?"

Jonette: “I guess my normal question is: 'What happens if I do this…?' (laughing) Whatever it is. What happens if… I go to Tibet? What happens if… I turn this stone like that? What happens if …I allow myself to let go? ... I guess that is what I ask. Like a kid (laughing): 'What happens, when I push this button?' It is pure curiosity! It is not looking for something, because if you look for something you have already limited the possibility of what you can find. I just see the possibility to push this button and then I see or know something new. The confirmation comes afterward, telling me that I am on the right track. Never does a confirmation lead me to what I am looking for! I am looking for anything. It is just: What happens, if …?"


"Thank you very much for this interview!"

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