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August 2023 Conscousness Update

August Consciousness Update – Summary “Playing with Time”

August is a month of opportunity and disruption, as we are invited to view time from a new vantage point and embrace our potential for personal transformation.

The Virus of Fear by Jonette Crowley

The Virus of Fear

Note from Jonette: MARK’s channeling highlights the importance of controlling our reactions to fear. It is a real test for...
Healing the Trauma of Being Human

Healing the Trauma of Being Human

I've been where we came from… experiencing All-That-Is, and I'll never be the same. Jonette Crowley, November 2019 As long...
2019 MARK International Intensive

What is Creation?

"Feel the breakthrough between observing CREATION and being CREATION!"   Jonette channels MARK on Creation Creation is the theme of...
Heaven of Earth blog

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth... A Snapshot of Where We Are Now Jonette reports on one of the many breakthroughs she is...
Notre Dame fire by Spiritual Walker

The Fire at Notre Dame: What is the Spiritual Significance?

What does it mean? What is the spiritual significance of the recent devastating fire at the Cathedral Notre Dame in...
Blog Eclipse Time

Eclipse Time- A HUGE Chance to Change Old Patterns!

Activations as Catalysts This is the time to become self-activating, a major opportunity to change old, deeply held patterns. The...

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Founder of The Center for Creative Consciousness.  Author of Soul Body Fusion®, The Eagle & The Condor. Jonette is a Modern Day Mystic - a Channel, Oracle & Shaman. She is known as the "Spiritual Indiana Jones" for her travels around the world teaching workshops and leading tours to sacred places. 

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