An Interview By Omnia Magazine editor, Manuela Immler

Questions and Answers “2018 is the ‘Year of Activations’ and the year of taking actions”, said Jonette last time I...

March Update from Jonette Crowley

"Human consciousness is evolutionary. It changes itself and changes the collective field." Channeled by Jonette Crowley Learn More About 'MARK'...
Legends of the Ancient New Zealanders

Legends of the Ancient Ones — Before the Maori Arrived 
in New Zealand

Legends of the Ancient Ones - Before the Maori Arrived 
in New Zealand by Jonette Crowley and Irene Groeneveld Dekker...
12 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

12 Stages of Awakening

White Eagle on Awakening You stand on the cusp of a great awakening. This is the time where illusions are...

Stressed Spelled Backward is DESSERTS

  Which way do you want to look at it? We are guided by two maps: A vision map— a...

Namibia Ancestral Healing

Guest blog by Stuart Gedrim and Audrey Spronk   "We are sharing about our amazing experiences in Namibia as we...

Near Death Experiences: Preset Exits

Ewa Foley (pronounced Eva), my dear friend and organizer in Poland bicycled quickly and confidently to her morning yoga class...

Mysteries of Angor Wat

Join Jonette on a Sacred Journey to Southeast Asia in November!   The Home of the Gods? One of the...
Keys to Unlock Our Subconsciousness

Keys to Unlock our Subconscious

Our Multi-Dimensionality:  'MARK' gives us Keys to Unlock our Subconscious   Our subconscious, that deep, dark basement where our traumas...

Jonette Crowley

Founder of The Center for Creative Consciousness.  Author of Soul Body Fusion®, The Eagle & The Condor. Jonette is a Modern Day Mystic - a Channel, Oracle & Shaman. She is known as the "Spiritual Indiana Jones" for her travels around the world teaching workshops and leading tours to sacred places. 

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