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March Update from Jonette Crowley

"Human consciousness is evolutionary. It changes itself and changes the collective field." Channeled by Jonette Crowley Learn More About 'MARK'...
Thanks Receiving 2017

Thanksgiving Message from ‘MARK’ 2017

This is the time of year that we spend with family and friends and think about what we are thankful...
My Daughter My Teacher

My Daughter, My Teacher

Today's Guest Blog is from Nancy Mitchell. Nancy and I have been friends since the early 1990s when we took...

The Great Shift of 2017

"You Are Jewels in the Universe" 'MARK' Channeled by Jonette Crowley “Everything—a thought, a person, a planet—is a temporary perceptual...

August 21st Solar Eclipse-An Opportunity for Major Human Evolution

“Eclipses are always opportunities for major human evolution… If there are major changes that you need to make, inside yourself...

Celebration of Oneness for the Sirius New Year (July 26, 2017)

A Celebration Welcoming the Sirius New Year (Takurua-a-Mere) Wednesday, July 26th 2017 is the Sirius New Year on the Western Calendar.  Rose...
Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck… It’s Easier than You Think

How We Get Stuck We all get stuck. We know we should take action but can't, or won't. Our comfort...

Legends of the Ancient Ones — Before the Maori Arrived 
in New Zealand

  Legends of the Ancient Ones - Before the Maori Arrived 
in New Zealand by Jonette Crowley and Irene Groeneveld...
Why Mark blog

Why ‘MARK’?

Why 'MARK'? Guest Blog by Rick Mumford Rick Mumford is a writer based out of California. Since 2014 he has...

Jonette Crowley

Founder of The Center for Creative Consciousness.  Author of Soul Body Fusion®, The Eagle & The Condor. Jonette is a Modern Day Mystic - a Channel, Oracle & Shaman. She is known as the "Spiritual Indiana Jones" for her travels around the world teaching workshops and leading tours to sacred places. 

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