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CELEBRATING LIFE! Birthing the Eternal Human

"When you celebrate you are seeding Joy"  - 'MARK', channeled by Jonette Celebrate Yourself This comes from a deep well...
Accelerating Consciousness

When Secrets Are Revealed- Our Role in Accelerating Consciousness

'MARK' Channeled by Jonette Crowley from the course:  The 9th Dimension Part III, The New World, Class 7 – "Inclusivity &...

Mysteries of the American Southwest: Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon

I'll be leading a spiritual adventure tour through the Southwest in May 2016.  (There are still spaces left. Please see...
Quantum Children blog

Quantum Children-‘MARK’ channeled by Jonette Crowley

Welcome. This is Mark. Many of you are traveling lightly! By mistake, you’ve left all your baggage at the station...
Allowing Yourself to be Served — the Foundation of Being of Service

Allowing Yourself to be Served — the Foundation of Being of Service

"The foundation of being of service is being served. The foundation of being loving is being loved. The foundation of...

Mysteries of the American Southwest – Extraterrestrial Influence?

In May, I will be leading a 9-day spiritual tour through the Great American Southwest —Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and...

“What, No Monkeys?” A lesson in parallel realities

White Eagle often channeled that we have so many realities all on Earth at the same time—so different that we...
white eagle on the emergence of truth

White Eagle on Emergence and Truth

“Truth doesn't emerge from words, rather descends from grace.” - White Eagle A Note from Jonette:   Please enjoy the wisdom...

The Year of Emergence – 2016

"Trust that you are already enlightened" 'MARK' Channeled from 'MARK' by Jonette Crowley on Jan. 11, 2016 "Welcome, most Holy...
Experiencing A New Earth Blog

Experiencing the New Earth

"The 9th dimension is the realm of multiple manifest realities"      'MARK' Illustration 20260081 © Victor Habbick | The...
JC Columbian Statue OPT

A Colombian Perspective

  "The wonderful thing about travel is the different perspective you gain."   Mark and I have been spending the...
Mysteries of SW Anasazi

Mysteries of the American Southwest – Anasazi Time Travelers?

Anasazi - the Ancient Ones - Time Travelers? "The population of entire cities moved into other worlds never again to...

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Founder of The Center for Creative Consciousness.  Author of Soul Body Fusion®, The Eagle & The Condor. Jonette is a Modern Day Mystic - a Channel, Oracle & Shaman. She is known as the "Spiritual Indiana Jones" for her travels around the world teaching workshops and leading tours to sacred places. 

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