These thoughts come from a long-time student of the Mark classes. Asena lives in Istanbul, Turkey. I think you will appreciate her thoughtfulness on the subject. (If you would like to submit your thoughts for possible inclusion in our Blogs, please email them to Nadja at NadjaNichollCCC@aol.com)
“I am pulled to share some thoughts regarding Karma. Such an interesting topic:-)
These are some thoughts I strongly experienced after the latest lesson (in Mark’s “Wisdom” series).  Karma exists for those who are not aware or awakened to their “beliefs.”  Cause and effect are just dynamics of the 3D.  The law of attraction follows thoughts. All action is preceded by thoughts. Thoughts repeated a couple of times turn into Beliefs and become energetic stamps in our fields. We believe in Karma because  we have just automatically carried the beliefs of the “past”experiences into the next life.  For example, if one holds the belief that in one life he/she was not able to create wealth, or was not worthy of wealth and this belief was strong enough to motivate he/she to steal or experience poverty, then it was that belief that followed into the next episode of physical experience. The dynamic continues until one awakens to the core belief and “changes it by raising the vibration.” It is not the deed that follows Karma but the Belief in its core that leads to the deed and the thought behind the deed.  Yet, our experience on Earth is not linear, one lifetime after the next, it is one total physical experience which has many forms…So our beliefs are in the present. If we change our beliefs, we can change “karma”. I believe to be above Karma. Knowing beyond judgment that All experiences were/are good, vibrating to 7th and 8th dimensions as we believe to experience the 3rd simultaneously, we are free to create from pure magic. 
With love, Asena”
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