The Living Elders

Legions. That is how much help we have, no matter what our need. I recently asked my guide ‘MARK’ about the increasing interactions that many of us are feeling with the Masters, specifically: How are the living elders working with us now?


Mark:  “The spirits of living elders that make up a High Council are available to you all more than ever before. You are able to convene councils of elders on the inner planes whenever you need them.  You can just call whoever is your elder liaison when you need specific help for yourself or mostly for the world.  These councils of elders meet in service to the world.  Because there is no time or space in these levels of consciousness, you are able to convene these councils and ask questions and receive council – all of you.  The matrix of living masters is very real.” 


My advice is: Don’t pussyfoot around. (Please excuse the American saying.) In your meditation and prayers ask for the Council. Ask for them to help you in specific ways. Ask to send them to serve your family and friends, the world leaders, those who suffer. Who cares if you can actually feel the Masters with you? Who cares if you can ‘see’ them? Do it anyway. You will feel better if you “Just Do It”, letting go of your doubts. This morning in my meditation I dispatched angels and masters to tasks all over the world. I asked the guides, “How many can I send around?”…I didn’t want to run out. The answer: “As many as you need.”


On another note, I just returned from a vacation with my 18-year old stepdaughter to Guatemala and the highlands of Belize. In a 500-year-old Catholic church, in the traditionally Mayan village of Santiago on Lake Atatlan in Guatemala, we saw a very unusual statue of the Trinity—father, son and holy spirit. Behind the head of god-the-father was…not a halo…but a triangle with a single eye! It is an ancient mystical symbol based on Egyptian myths and the eye of Horus. A similar symbol is on the U.S. $1 bill, and is used by the Masons. Amazing isn’t it?

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