LOVE IS SELF-ORGANIZING: Group Miracles in Peru

LOVE IS SELF-ORGANIZING: Group Miracles in Peru

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“Love is self-organizing,” Mark told us a year ago in a class called “Everyday Mastery.” He was addressing getting things done in groups.  Last month in Peru, we were witnesses to the miracle of a group of 39 strangers (Okay, they weren’t actually “strange,” they just didn’t know each other) from nine countries becoming a seamless, supportive, inspiring, fun and loving family. 30 of the people hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. When someone was sick a literal pharmacy appeared out of backpacks to help. When a daypack was too heavy, ready hands  were there to take the weight.


In our 17 days together we faced our fears – hiking over the “Pass Where Women Die”, standing out on a ledge high over Machu Picchu, climbing over rocks and through caves, even walking on a bed of hot coals. But the miracle of group support was more than physical assistance. People were there for each other for emotional and spiritual breakthroughs. New friends coached each other as past life remembrances or fears surfaced. We’re back from our Peru Spiritual Adventure, and each of our hearts has 38 new chambers filled with love.


Love is self-organizing. Without hierarchy, rigid plans or fanfare, people step up to be leaders and supporters at exactly the perfect time. People helped and cared for each other of their own volition. No one person asking, delegating or leading.


When people are together without structure there arises a fluid, organic structure that serves all in a win/win way. Since I’m also a corporate leadership consultant, I’m curious why such magic can happen in a couple of weeks in the Andes, yet most organizations and businesses rarely tap into it.


Here is my best observation as to why “Love in self-organizing:”

  1. Everyone is fully present. Our attention and energy is NOW.
  2. There are no hidden agendas or competitiveness; no need to control others or outcomes.
  3. There is trust in the perfection of the process and the result.
  4. There is a spontaneous fluidity. If something needs handling or a person needs help, someone notices and just does it.
  5. There is Continuous Positive Regard (I call it CPR) flowing and growing through the group.
  6. There is total acceptance of everyone. In our time together in close quarters and tight schedules there was no hiding personal strengths and weaknesses. Yet never did there seem to be judgment. We are who we are and all is perfect.
  7. There is fun, joking and light heartedness.


I share these insights so that you can build on the idea that “Love is self-organizing.”


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