Love, Wisdom, Power, Service

This is a time of POWER! In the outside world of finance and materialism things look fragile and perhaps frightening. However, when we get worried as we read the headlines, White Eagle reminds us to say: “This is not my reality.”


   A group of us just returned from 16 days in Peru where we hiked the Inca Trail, faced many fears – including doing a fire walk, and allowed love and support to be present everywhere. The theme of our trip, which is also the theme for October, is POWER. For us in Peru, it was to walk with the power of the Puma – an animal sacred in the Andes. As we sat at Machu Picchu on the equinox, White Eagle told us that there are 3 pillars for us. The first is LOVE. When LOVE is enough, we are given the second pillar, which is WISDOM. When we hold LOVE and WISDOM we are given the third pillar—POWER. Now is the opportunity for mankind to reclaim our power. We are asked to be different than we’ve been, but the same as who we are. With the triangular base of LOVE, WISDOM and POWER – a fourth and top point is enabled, creating a 3-sided pyramid. The top point that is supported by LOVE, WISDOM and POWER is SERVICE.


   White Eagle said: “You are missionaries. We invite you to be great and humble. The Unity Grid or Master’s Matrix needs those powerful enough to hold mastery and humble enough to keep your feet on the ground. Hold a vision of peace. Be co-creators and dreamers of a world that knows no limitations. When you ask for help it is there. When you ask for knowledge it is there. Do the work that masters do upon this planet.”


   Later, as we meditated by the river in the Sacred Valley of Peru, White Eagle told us: “The primer of power can only be love. Stop praying for abundance. Use that time being in power. Abundance is directional – it either comes or goes. It is linear. Power transcends linearity. Power IS. Power brings compassion, honoring, joy and lightness. Power never worries. Move into that non-dimensional place of power.”

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