Mark: 2012

2012 is a marker.  It’s not precise.  It’s a period Earth is going through and that humanity is going through.  Humanity is actually guiding Earth’s consciousness.  Earth does have consciousness, but humanity’s consciousness is more fluid.  Humanity can create changes.  Human consciousness can reprogram crystals.  The Earth can’t reprogram her own crystals.  How humanity is, and its consciousness, is how Earth is.  Earth will respond to the critical mass of humanity.  You’re moving into a period where more possibilities are open for more people.  For those who are not open to those possibilities, the world will still look exactly the same.  For those of you who are open to those possibilities, the world will look the same, yet, different, higher, more free; because you are different. 

The 2012 ascension is not like a train—you either get on, or you can miss it.  This is not possible.  Those scenarios are linear.  “You are either with the good guys or the guys left behind.”  This is all a linear, black-and-white perspective.  How can you have a linear black-and-white perspective to a quantum event?  That’s why it’s not going to happen in 2012, because how can you have a quantum event that has a time on your calendar?  It is more like there’s isn’t a train, and if there is, you are the train.  You can’t miss it; it is you.  No one will miss it.  Enlightenment is a collective, and anything less than collective enlightenment is not enlightenment.  Some beings are fairly enlightened; they are Buddha- or Christ-like, but there will not be true enlightenment until all are enlightened, because there is only the collective, so how could it be that some people get on the train and some people cannot?  That is impossible.  If you are reading these websites, don’t—because then your worry makes the linear world more the world you subscribe to.  The more you say, “I don’t know what is, but my truth is oneness and love,” then it doesn’t matter, and you’re not worried.   Worry and fear is what we’re going to work with next.  It’s the next opportunity for the biggest growth.  Let those people who are still addicted to worry, worry.  Do not worry about them, because you will then have the frequency of a worry addiction.  It is your job, because you can, because you care to, remember to be as one and loving and powerful as you can, and love them.  Love all the trains, and all the people who think they’re missing the trains.

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