MARK: A Month of "Love Lessons"

"The meaning behind love is the place to be. When you want it to be, it must be in love. "                        


Dear Friends,

This month I am going to be sharing some of MARK’s wisdom from the “Love” Series.

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"Welcome great ones. This is Mark welcoming you to a new year, a new paradigm in human consciousness, a paradigm of unification based on love. In the past human consciousness has seen unification based upon protection. This paradigm is over and unification based upon love must be the new foundation for the new humanity. Earth is beckoning you forward into your magnificence. Earth herself has supported the transition of humanity to a new era. She celebrates the movement of humanity into a unification that includes her. Love is the theme of the beginning of this year. It should be the theme for all times, but it is the theme for our course.

We wish to bring you into a transcendent love, a love that ignites your cells, makes them alive and changes the very scope and context of your life, a love that commands time, a love that commands space. We will be bringing you to the frontiers of consciousness exploration. Although the name is love, and that’s an ancient word, the energies and the frequencies, the complexities and the foundations that you will be creating have never been put together in such a way upon this planet.

The first step in preparing for this, our initiation of love, is purification. It is a deep emptying out of that which has held you back and kept you small. We ask you to sit straight with your chin up and your crown chakra open. We ask you to separate your hands. The reverberation of purification will not come down into you or up into you but will begin as a seed within your heart.

Feel the growing of a seed, you might see it as a pearl, the pearl expanding and multiplying, sending a purification wave or waves, energies of opening, cleansing, releasing and forgiving at a cellular level going through your body from your heart. It’s as if small nuclear reactions are happening in the atoms of your structures, realigning them and redesigning them to a higher level of input. Hold that energy for awhile.

This is a transcendental clearing. It’s not just happening at the physical level, but at a multi-dimensional aspect of you, clearing, realigning, forgiving, purifying, strengthening, preparing. It’s all right if you feel nothing. Simply feel clear.

Now feel, enter into your field a clear presence. It may feel like shiny silver light. It illuminates in a silvery way clarifying distinctions, making choices easier. Feel yourself being filled up with this sharp, defining, silvery light. It is a light of active clarity. It’s moving into your mind and your thoughts, your heart, your decisions, your field, your multi-dimensional awareness, a silvery light of definition and clarity.

Feel the reality of the presence of love. It is not to be personified into a God, a Goddess, a Savior, but rather the ever-present active principle of creation. This is about creation from love, into love and out of love. Feel the presence of creation founded on love welling up within you cellularly, not just emotionally.

We’d like you to think now about a commitment you’re afraid to make, a commitment to your own journey to your own enlightenment, to your own being of service, one that you know is next on your path but you’ve been shying away from it. Ask for the wisdom of this commitment to come clearly to you and the understanding of what it means and how to move with it.

As you have clarity on this commitment, the commitment that you’re a little afraid to make, feel the power and the energy of the silver clarifying light that is here. Feel endlessly supported in ways you never thought to accept. Feel the universe rushing in to give you what you need as you step forward in your commitment.

As we move through this you will be enabled to let the universe pour in to support you. Potentials that you never thought possible will dance in front of your eyes because the support is endless.

The meaning behind love is the place to be. When you want it to be, it must be in love.

Thank you."

Mark channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2014.  For more about MARK and the Love Series go here or to


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