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Your Guide to the Higher Dimensions

MARK sets up a complex energy formation which encompasses each person creating the space for exploration of other dimensions.  Working outside of the limitations of time and space allows everyone to travel together no matter -- no matter When and How they listen. All the power of the group is transmitted within the recordings and the energy grows even more powerful as others join the group by to the audio downloads.

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About the Classes

Each "Course" is 8 classes and generally a "Series" is 3 Courses on the same theme of multi-dimensional consciousness.  Classes usually consist of an introduction by Jonette, 2 -4 guided meditations followed by group comments and questions, 

Begin with whichever series you feel drawn to, but listen to the courses and classes in order.

  • Treasures From Beyond Part II Audio Download

    We continue the deepening integration of how our multi-dimensional self can enrich our lives and build our New World. Among our explorations we will find the ‘quantum nodes’– entrance points to meet and work with the Quantum Children who are now being born. MARK will guide us to use the 9th dimension to tap into a deep reservoir of cosmic calm, important in these times of crisis in the world.

    This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within this timeframe.

  • Treasures From Beyond Part I Audio Download

    This series is about integration of your spiritual explorations and your personal life, opening concrete and practical gifts for yourself and others. Why? Because this is essential for humanity now. We will continue working with creating the New World and helping you be the bridges as the New Divine Human. You will have projects in this series that will assist with cohesive evolution on Earth.

    This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit to 10 downloads within this timeframe.

Transmutation: Alchemy Part III Course

Transmutation lets our body hold our highest Light

8-week MARK course on select Mondays April 18-July 18

 Includes zoom meetings and downloadable recordings  

From: $240.00

Actualization: Alchemy Part II Course

Actualization is a tipping point in manifesting our divinity on Earth

Download the 8-week course recorded Feb 7-Mar 28

From: $240.00

Realization: Alchemy Part I

Spiritual Alchemy is the realization of the movement out of this timeline into a new world of enlightenment

Download the 8-week course recorded Nov 21-Jan 22

From: $240.00

Design: Shamballa Consciousness Part III Course

The next step in the materialization of embodied high consciousness.” 

8-week Zoom course recorded Jan-Mar 2021. Replay includes Video, Audio & Chat downloads

From: $240.00

Dis-illusion: Shamballa Consciousness Part II Course

Dis-Illusion, we peel away the blindfolds; moving out of illusion and limitation

8-week Zoom course recorded Oct-Dec 2021. Replay includes Video, Audio & Chat downloads

From: $240.00

Discovery: Shamballa Consciousness Part I Course

A Discovery of the energies and group consciousness pathways that get us to the ‘base camp’ of the 11th Dimension. We move, as part of an expedition, from this reality into Shamballa Consciousness.

8-week recorded Zoom course – Video, Audio & Chat downloads available

From: $240.00

Mastery: Space Between Part III Course

 Realization of the Universe’s Mastery
“Mastery is a beingness approach to realization, rather than a magician’s approach, which is to see what you can do with mastery.”
8-week recorded course includes Zoom video(mp4) and audio(m4a), as well as edited audio(mp3) downloads.


Harmony: Space Between Part II Course

“Harmony is a rebirth of a way to relate to yourself and all that is. It is springtime for the Soul.

This is a fast-moving course that builds a template of harmony for all relationships. It bridges us into a world of relationships based on flow, receiving and radiance, rather than survival.

 The course includes 8 online classes  – Zoom live-stream, on-demand video replay, and edited audio downloads. You can add-on transcripts at time of purchase for only $25


Neutrality: Space Between Part I Course

Feel yourself released from duality, neutralized from the polarity that has defined the world.  We think of neutral as between two opposing sides. but neutrality is a whole different plane of existence, the realm of the Space Between.  

Course includes Attendance in Denver or Zoom Video Live-stream, on-demand playback of live-stream and edited audio downloads. You can add-on transcripts for only $25


Beyond Knowing: Beyond Destiny III Full Course

In Part III of the Beyond Destiny series, Jonette and MARK take you Beyond Knowing, setting the groundwork for knowing the universe—by being one with it— rather than receiving it through any filters.  
Full Course includes audio downloads and on-demand playback of live-stream video. Add on transcripts for only $25


Beyond Singularity: Beyond Destiny Part II Full Course

A MARK Course channeled by Jonette
In Part II of the Beyond Destiny series, Jonette and MARK take you Beyond Singularity, to explore the interface between humanity and nonlinear worlds, connecting you to that which is beyond the singularity of this Universe.  Add on transcripts for only $25
Full Course includes Attendance in Denver or Zoom Video Live-stream, on-demand playback of live-stream and edited audio downloads.


Beyond Self: Beyond Destiny Part I Full Course

In Beyond Self, Part I of the Beyond Destiny trilogy, Jonette and MARK help you break out from human-based limitation and live from the infinite nature of our Spirit. MARK reconfigures your DNA back to what Spirit intended, allowing you to expand this  ‘upgrade’ to the human collective.

8 classes includes on-demand replays of video live-stream as well as edited audio downloads.


Embodied Universality Part III Course

Get the audio downloads for all 8 classes of The Stars plus links to the unaudited live-stream video. The Stars:Embodied Universality Part III MARK continues the theme of you as a universal citizen. We embody star consciousness, play with non-linear time and stargates. We open up the doorways between your normal experience and the influence of the stars to us on Earth, giving us a whole new realm of complexity to your beingness.


Gaia: Embodied Universality Part II Course

In the 2nd course of Embodied Universality, We explore our relationship with all of nature, Mother Earth, and our solar system. Audio Downloads for all 8 Classes plus Transcripts for Classes 2-4. Maximum of 10 downloads per file, downloads expire after 180 days.


Universal Human: Embodied Universality Part I Audio Download

Universality is the experience of interconnected, interwoven non-locality. This course gives you a greater playing field and a greater sense of support. You gain abilities and the shields and the shades come off. You know much more than could have been comprehended just a short time ago. It is a time of emancipation. You must walk out of your protections, because that’s where life really begins. Humanity is in a cycle of survival, now moving to a cycle of aliveness. Can you imagine how life can be when survival isn’t the goal?


Relativity Part III Audio Download

More than ever before the future is unwritten. You are not who you thought you were. With MARK’s help we continue to span dimensions, holding levels of empowerment that are unprecedented. The change is that you know yourself as a holographic portal that is no longer time/space based. You are are free. This download expires 60 days after purchase and can be download 10 times in that time period.


Relativity Part II Audio Download

When you realize that your being is not just yours, you have transcended into the Universal. It happens when you give up your addiction to your small identity. It is the realm of elders, of saints where you operate at a much more universal flow. You relate, not as an individual but as a Universal Being.

Expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within that timeframe.


Relativity Part I Audio Download

As you move multi-dimensionally, you will find that, as Einstein said, everything is relative. Nothing actually exists unless in relationship to something else. It’s the relationships that are the fabric of reality, the oneness, the all-ness. Everything in the first nine dimensions has its base in reality. Reality has its base in experiencing or perception. From the 10th dimension on there is no experiencer necessary, no perception possible.

This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within that timeframe.


Playing in the Unified Field Part III Audio Download

An exploration of an unbounded nature; the bridge between the 9th dimension and 10th dimensions. You’ll notice more the space between, rather than events in time. Because the world is changing, the focus is on service and a few repair missions from the higher dimensions. You will work directly with extraterrestrials in service.

This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within that timeframe.


Playing in the Unified Field Part II Audio Download

We strengthen our Multidimensional skills by moving more fully into service, assisting others as the Masters have helped us. Playing in the Master’s field upgrades our skills, our Light, and our power. In the past, such skills required death as the entry ticket. Now you begin to serve as Masters by continuing to awaken your multidimensional awareness.

This download expire 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within this timeframe.


Playing in the Unified Field Part I Audio Download

We learn by exploring the greater possibilities that surround us. The field of the MARK group is solid enough to support our expansion into the mystical realities of the quantum world. We experience the very essence of being; together learning to manifest greater realities. In this part we will fine-tune our skills in the dimensions of multiple manifest realities, making it possible for us to choose and navigate in the quantum realms. Our consciousness is expanded, enabling unforeseen gifts and life-changing experiences.

This download expires 60 days after purchase. Limit is 10 downloads within this timeframe.