Mark: Attracting What You Want

Q:  How would it be possible to unify service, passion, and labor, rather than working for money and following one’s passions in one’s spare time, and will the 2012 shift be able to help with this?

A:  It is very difficult to get what you want while you want it.  When you do your labor, whatever it is, even though you think it is not spiritual to work as a bookkeeper, love your labor, and love yourself for doing that labor. Love the labor and yourself and do not divide your world into “what I don’t like, and what I do,” your self will begin to transform the labor into a labor of love.  Once it is a labor of love, love can transfer you to labor that you are more passionate about.  If you wait ‘til the 2012 shift to give the energy so you can do what you want, you are missing the opportunity.  We talked about trains earlier—you never miss the train.  If you miss the train now, it comes again.  It looks different, but it always comes again.  Let us talk about work.  It is okay to work for money, because you are in an economic world.  If you continually are upset by this, you are staying in the cycle.  It is not an easy thing.  We cannot say there will be a magic wand, and all of you can be massage therapists  [laughter], because you still need to have bookkeepers.  The answer is in finding the truth and the light in whatever it is you do, because that will open the doors to something else.  It’s hard to understand, but it is the way.  Be unattached to how the answers show up.  Maybe they show up through your dedication to what you’re doing now, though you think you’re waiting for something better.  Be happy now.  It is the only moment you are given.

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