Mark Channeled Process: Becoming Creator

(Copyright 2013 Excerpted from Creation I course, class #5.)

The most important aspect of this setup tonight is complexity and multiplicity. Usually when you reach out for inspiration, you reach to a source, a higher place and you get a singular jolt of inspiration. But imagine now that inspiration is holographic and the source is everywhere. You can receive pulses of inspiration, of support, of help, of glad tidings from a zillion different places. You might feel a little busily bombarded but allow yourself to be soft.

You are absorbing from billions and billions of levels, dimensions, points, perspectives. Many channels open now. The first thing we wish you to be aware of is the complexity here. The next thing to notice is that the channels that are connecting or communicating with you are not necessarily sending you energy. It is awareness that is touching you rather than energy. A zillion channels of awareness touching you, knowing you, finding you, seeking you; but it’s calm because you aren’t receiving energy. You’re simply the recipient of awareness—lots of awareness.

Now notice that not only is awareness touching you from the complexity of the universe but your awareness is similarly multi-channeled. Usually it’s all you can do to be aware of one or two things. But now please be aware of all of the trillions of channels of awareness that are touching you. You are touching back. It’s not energy, it’s simply awareness or consciousness.

Imagine now that through you every one of the zillions of channels of awareness becomes aware of the awareness. Each channel becomes aware of all other channels because of you. Again, complexity and relationship—these are the foundations of true creation.

Your job is simply to be calm. It’s really too much to notice so don’t try to notice anything. Allow yourself to lose the solidity of who you think you are, becoming a hub among hubs in infinitely complex relationships. Disregard yourself.

There becomes a moment that you can’t make anything happen and you can’t anticipate. It’s a similar shift to when you are looking at a black figure on white paper, and all of a sudden it switches to being a different figure when you see white on black. So it’s a spontaneous shift that all of a sudden catapults you out of yourself.

What begins to happen is your human limitation of 5 or 6 senses begins to expand so you are multi-sensory, multi-aware; therefore, multi-existing. Notice you might feel changes in your head, in your energy field. You might notice that your presence feels quite solid and it’s nearly impossible to think.

With every breath, you’re becoming a little less of an ordinary human. Your limitations are being transcended. What is interesting is it’s not the small you that is transcending your limitations. It’s the greater you that is becoming awakened. The greater you is already transcendental, already much more limitless.

Intend that the knowledge, the sensing, the opening that you have achieved here goes out now and becomes available to all humanity. Imagine that you hold a fractal seed of the higher dimensions and you are gifting this seed into the minds and hearts of all humanity. And then, feel yourself stable and expanded as there is a tsunami of complexity, of softness and of joyful life force that begins to billow through humanity’s consciousness. Keep expanding and being stable because this experience can be explosive in a good way. Ride the ride.

Your awareness is seeding fractals of potentiality throughout the magnificent consciousness that’s available to humanity now. You are realizing that humanity can choose from so many more options than it currently thinks it can. The potentiality that is now open is truly astounding.

In the myriad and multiplicity of connections, there is embedded great love, great wisdom and great power. This love, wisdom and power knows a lot more than the small you. Imagine now that the loving, powerful wisdom of these universal connections intimately focuses on you. It intimately knows your needs, your path, your desires more than you can put voice to. Please lift into a space where you are the recipient of loving, powerful wisdom that knows you better than you know yourself, whose focus is creation in this now life. We don’t expect you to see anything, though you may feel touched. There is no need to visualize or to have any intentions. In fact, it is more powerful if you are high, stable and neutral, trusting the universal flow of creation to know you. Let your mind be as quiet and receptive as it can be.

Let us remind you that this space is receptive. You do not need to focus on receiving anything. All will be in perfect time and order. You may want to open your hands in a receiving posture. Allow the experience to be personal and intimate yet not specific. Please don’t introduce your wants or desires here. You’re at a much higher level. The knowledge and wisdom is much higher than you can control or direct. We know that’s hard for you.

Be in a state of knowing, loving, powerful trust. Trust in a much bigger picture than you can comprehend, with many more resources than you knew you had available. Use this opportunity to let your small worry-self explode into the progressiveness of the universe. Allow the very idea of worry to blow up in itself never to be found again.

You are now delightfully stable in a new creative matrix. In your human way of thinking you imagine that your small self decides and declares what it is it wants. You begin to visualize it, take action steps toward it, focus on it. That is clumsily effective to some extent. It keeps you busy in your life wishing, dreaming and attaining. However, wishing, dreaming and attaining are behaviors that are not the core of your creative self. What we aim to do in this course series is to reconfigure you from a receiver and often a victim, into a creator and never a victim.

The reconfiguration is immense. You may feel that there are more moments of softness, peace and ease in your life. These moments sneak up on you. As you allow yourself to be at ease with life, the entire universe begins to serve you in a way it cannot serve you or even see you before now.

Creation is more about letting go of bad habits than learning something new. Creation cannot be learned so much as experienced. This is all very frustrating to your personality. That part of you might be saying,  “But what good is creation if I can’t decide what to create?” Let’s look at that another way. What if creation is so big that creation creates you rather than you decide on something to create? At stake here is not what you produce in your life but how your greater life produces a greater you. That, in turn, produces a greater world. All this sounds like circular reasoning until the moment in which you get it.

For now we welcome you to the cusp of Creation. Thank you. This is Mark.

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