‘Mark’ Channels about free energy

From The Gathering 2010
Solothurn, Switzerland

Mark, Channeled by Jonette Crowley

Copyright 2010 Jonette Crowley

‘Mark’ Channels about free energy

Your scientists believe that there are many forces in this physical world. Ultimately they will find that there is only one force. It doesn’t operate as a force; it operates as a primal principle. It’s a principal of gravity. To you it looks like things are attracting each other, but the truth is that since they are already one, they have already attracted each other. Free energy will mostly be looking at a new paradigm. The thinkers will need to come from a paradigm that everything is truly united, and all they measure are the intercessions of time and space. One the first applications of free energy will be the desalinization of water. There are already groups secretly working on this. This is actually an application that governments and corporations can get behind rather than smother. The next area of free energy will be in the transmission of something like electricity. Your current transmission of electricity has much loss in energy over the wires. Using entirely new concepts electricity can be sent through the air, without wires and without energy loss. There are groups working on this as well. Most of the groups developing free energy were Atlantean before, so their ideas come as spontaneous inspirations and they can’t prove them in the beginning. The way you can help, even if you’re not an inventor or scientist, is whenever you do your meditation or energy work you send out a wave of invisibility, transparency. What this does is support the uncovering of secrets. Can you almost feel that wave, just when we give it words? Imagine if many more of you did it more often – simply the intentional wave of transparency. You live in very exciting times, but many secrets have been kept from you. It’s not just the secrets of your governments and powerful corporations. There are some galactic civilizations that would keep you in the dark, but with your wave of transparency you affect even them. If they wore boots, they would begin to shake in their boots. Earth light has been under a cover, but you are piercing that cover with more confidence than you know. The higher beings of light see it, but so do the ones who would profit from having you ignorant. As you create this earthly light you in turn send light to these galactic dark brothers. They are not to be feared, for fear weakens you. Look in their faces with your truth and they will be vanquished by light. There is truth to the statement, “love something to death”.

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