MARK channels on the new Pope, the Vatican, and Obelisks…

Note from Jonette: Mark doesn’t usually comment on such things but we had an interesting question and answer session in our recent Power II course. At the end of this Mark asks us to do some light work by focusing on the obelisks at the Vatican, London, and the Washington Monument. Please join in. If you would like to purchase the C.D. set or the audio downloads of this current POWER II 8-class course, please go here.

 MARK:   When you work in consciousness as you are doing, you kick the legs out from that which is dark, unconscious, greedy, fear mongering, authoritarian. But because those corporations, people, organizations and thought systems are well protected, you don’t see the change right away. So be hopeful and be true to the piece that you believe in—that the energetic foundation for disease or false manipulation is getting pulled away. Trust it. Stay with your actions in the physical world and stay with energetic manifesting, creating dreams that go out almost ballistically throughout the cosmos. Stay with the truth and the skills that you know from these higher dimensions. For you cannot doubt the feelings you have when come to these spaces and you cannot doubt its power and that it has no end. Thank you.

 QUESTION  I’m wondering about the new pope. Some say that he’s going to change the church, and today I read some stuff where he’s as guilty and heinous as the rest of them. So do you see him changing the church?

 MARK:  Yes and yes. His intention—he actually has a real intention to equalize and help support those in poverty. However, even though he is supposed to be supreme, the organization that he’s in is moribund or ‘bound in death’ is what that word means. His innate conservatism has him innately close minded; however, what he values is supporting the poor and not just money actually. So there’s going to be a lot of jockeying for position secretly in the Vatican with waves throughout the financial system because the Vatican actually has its finger on an awful lot of the world’s financial system not just its own riches. And so, a conservative pope who truly believes that eradicating poverty is a helpful mission of the church—he will attempt to do it for his own values which are clearly conservative. So yes and yes is our answer.

 QUESTION  In our last meditation Jonette told us that she was getting impressions of the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. Did something actually change the energy with that due to our work this evening?

 MARK:  Ah! This obelisk in St. Peter’s Square is used to hold the energies of secrets and darkness and control. So somehow its shape as an energetic instrument holds energies of darkness and secrets in itself. What Jonette felt is that the powers that be, that understand occult energies such as those which are held by the obelisk, probably noticed that a bit of their fortress has been penetrated by light. So there may be some more shakeup, and we wouldn’t mind if all of you put your goodness and light focusing it on the obelisk so it can be a receiver of good and not just a transponder of that which it is been holding. It seems that there is a crypt directly underneath the obelisk, but it might be a figurative crypt of dark, dense, old secrets that need to see the light of day. When you do focus light there you are powerful. You all don’t have a stake in the game which makes you better players.

 wmQUESTION:  So, is this a similar situation with the Washington Monument?

 MARK:  Aah! Glad you asked that. Very, very similar though it has a different connection. The three main obelisks that hold a great deal of occult and a bit of negative energy are the one in Washington, the one in St. Peter’s Square, and the one in London.  The London obelisk is in the center where the bankers are, where there’s a lot of energy. So you might focus on the triangle of those three obelisks. The American obelisk— the Washington Monument, isn’t originally from Egypt and is more like a building but it serves the same strategy. Connect to those three ‘needles’ bringing your ineffable light and goodness london oand see if you can feel some changes. Thank you for those questions. In fact, why don’t we do some energy work on it now?


So place your loving intention on the obelisk in London, the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, and the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square. Feel them all and feel the relationship to each other, and see what you notice. So now you’re just observing them. You’re not doing anything yet. Feel what you feel in your body, what you see or sense, how each is different, notice the dynamic of all of them together. Observe what you think their role is.

 Then move to a place of great peace—a balanced place that you’ve held before that is filled with light of stars of creation. The light is sourced everywhere. There are no control hierarchies or manipulation. Just feel that space overlay the dynamic that you feel with the three obelisks. Stay focused because the energies of the three try to be disruptive to you.

 Focus on the high space of peace, integrating it with the three obelisks, integrating the Earth with the space, integrating your dreams with the space. Do the same with this and all the obelisks are connected to and all that controls... until that which is left is simply the space—open and peaceful, bright, accelerating in goodness—creating an empowered reality.

 Feel your power in the face of past powerlessness. Feel your power together—invincible, unending, natural, your birthright.

 We’re waiting until it feels smooth and there is no stickiness or resistance.

 It’s fine to look at that which you feel is ugly or dark or angry or wrong in your world. It’s not a problem to focus on it. Don’t focus on it for very long, just long enough to collect its resonant field... don’t be afraid of that. Then focus on the much bigger space of creation and light and quantum expansion until the vibration of that which is dark begins to dissolve. So don’t be afraid to look at darkness. People ignoring darkness for all kinds of good reasons has been darkness’s greatest safety net. Don’t ignore it but don’t keep darkness and worry as your only focus. First create the sense of a huge space of peace and light. Then you grab hold of that which is dark and ugly and take it to the big space again. You can do amazing things in creating an empowered reality. So for now, and with great delight, we thank you.

Channeled by Jonette Crowley, copyright 2013

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