MARK: Gathering for The Great Shift

MARK, as channelled by Jonette, speaks to us more about the Winter Solstice 2012 – The Great Shift:

“All are called to gather, whether they gather with Jonette and crew in Mexico, or they gather in other ways, in other places-  gather with the intention of holding the Holy Spirit, not holy spirit with a capital H, but the holy spirit of all spirit. You create centers, so your gathering in Mexico will be the center of a vortex. If someone gathers at Machu Picchu, it’s the center of a vortex. If someone gathers on their ranch in North Dakota, it’s the center of a vortex. It doesn’t have to be a so-called power place. That center of the vortex is a pillar of peace, a satellite dish to cosmic potential being grounded through your groups, being made into matter through your groups, and being transmitted through the collective consciousness of humans, through the consciousness of all nature, and then into the very matter of the earth.

Your gatherings will probably not experience chaos. Chaos can happen. Your flights are late, or there’s a storm, however the quietude, the power, the certainty of those who are called to gather, is so powerful, and so ancient. You will come as Priests and Priestesses remembering, having been called forth to something that only unfolds as you answer the call.

You will enter a time warp during different periods of that gathering, where you are truly lifted upon a platform above your normal life. People who gather intentionally anywhere around the time of the Solstice, can experience this.

This shift is the most co-creative shift that has happened upon the planet. There was a similar shift about 26,000 years ago, but human consciousness was not where it is now. It was quite different. That shift was more guided, more directed. This shift, because of the powerful awakening of human consciousness in the last few decades, will be much more co-creative. That’s why it’s important that people don’t sit and wait for some wave to wash over you, but actually create the harmony of the wave by your intention, your hearts, your own holy spirit.

If you can,  gather with three as a minimum, with some time for meditation: even though it’s winter and can be cold, do something outside on Mother Earth.  Jonette is reminded of last year when you all gathered in the snow and did a ceremony, and it was most beautiful. Pick a couple of friends. If you can’t find them here in your neighborhood, then do so, perhaps, over Skype, and have a meditation. Guide it yourselves. Intentionally connect to communities of light, which include the human gatherings of light, and the greater communities of light who are not embodied, openhearted, grounded on earth, joyful.

We will not invite you to do anything that is based on defending against fear or chaos. Come to all of it with an openheartedness of witnessing a birth, not trying to be safe from something bad. That is the best way to make sure something bad crawls up and bites you. We want you to really understand this. The world does not need your help being afraid. You are bigger than that now, and your non-fear, not just then, but anytime you read the papers, anytime the election doesn’t go the way you want it, anything that your resonant field of non-fear, non-threatened, non-hopeless, non-struggle, is the greatest gift you can give the planet. Not all of you are meant to channel like Jonette, or travel around, and you’re grateful for that, but all of you are meant to be pillars of light, communicating out a resonant field that is greater than you’ve experienced in the past, but not greater than you are!”

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