kians skyWelcome lovers. This is Mark.

Lovers and magicians are actually very close in context, so tonight is about love as a door to magic, and magic as a door to change and to potential. This course is taking the energies of the 8th dimension and bringing them into a place that you can call home, helping you with these higher dimensions, creating the life that you choose. The words we are working with are love as a time machine. Love is access to places that you can use to change your life. The canvas for this class is your life. Sometimes the canvas is all of humanity. Sometimes it’s the entire galaxy, but we’re going to narrow it down to your life.

We’ll begin by having you move into that beautiful breathless expansive portal of love that is your heart, letting your consciousness move there until it finds the waves or the ripples of expansion. Like a surfer, ride those waves out and out and out. Out beyond the physical world effortlessly beyond time and space. The wave just carries your awareness out.

You know you’ve caught a wave because you feel harmonized and peaceful.

The expansive wave takes you into new frontiers. Your heart is a different dimension now. The shackles, the limits are gone, but still you’re on that wave. You’re supported. You’re carried effortlessly. It’s as if you’re moving through the vacuum of space and time, and further. Still you feel integrated. You feel cohesive, dare we say grounded, even though you’ve expanded.

Perhaps the word time machine’s the wrong word because there really is no machine, but the space will serve the same task. Love then is the transporter. The space, the energies take you out, move you away from the concerns of this moment, move you into timelessness where you can choose, where you can dial up another time, and ride the waves of love into that time.

What we would like to do at first is to have you think of a time in your life when there was a specific event taking place that you were happy. Maybe it was a birthday party. Maybe you were on vacation and playing in the pool. Maybe it was a wedding day. Choose with your logical mind a specific event where there was happiness and joy. It can be a long time ago or recently. It doesn’t matter. Find that, that incident, that event has a particular energetic frequency code or signature. You can feel it.

The same wave of love that you’re on, that you used to ride out from your heart into this expansive space, it is still your magic carpet; it is still your vehicle. Catch a wave and have this wave of love intersect with the frequency, the feeling, and the signature of that happy, joyous event. It’s as if two wave patterns are meeting each other, one a joyful event that you recall, and the other this overall wave or space of love. Have them intersect. copyright 2014

From LOVE, Part 1 course, channeled from Mark.

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