Mark: Love, thoughts, and creativity

Love is the path. It’s the markers. It’s the destination and the cause. We’re speaking specifically about connecting intrinsically, essentially to wisdom so that wisdom isn’t a journey to the Akasha and some insights gleaned there, that wisdom isn’t between the covers of a book, that wisdom comes from inside you. It’s actually integrated within your human cellular structure.

 Wisdom was meant to be an internal lantern. Over many decades, the millennia, the hooks that hook wisdom into you had been rubbed off and wisdom then hooked itself outside of you, then it could be meted out to you. It could be fed out slowly for just the right supplication, just the right payment, just the right pain.

 That is never how wisdom was meant to be organized, it was never external, it was never held only in the seat of an external God, but accessed intrinsically, much like the birds know intrinsically what foods to eat and how to care for their young and where to go. The reconnection of this intrinsic wisdom has been so long broken.

 We invite you to close your eyes and move your hands into a receiving position, palms up. You’re not receiving wisdom, you are receiving compassion. Find once again that fiery compassion where you are a solar source of compassion for the world and the world reciprocates sourcing compassion everywhere, focusing it on you. Take a few minutes to get into this compassionate state of love.

 Find yourself centered in your cosmic greatness more than ever before, shiny, enlivened, expanded, and deeply content.  For wisdom is attracted to contentment, not neediness. Find a rich aura of contentment around you. Draw it within you like a warm blanket.

 Move into yourself now, reminding your cells that they are content–deeply, perfectly so. Spend a few moments scanning your body, finding areas that might not remember they’re content and reminding your cells of this deep, physical wellbeing.

 Let us take a moment to explain something in technological terms that you might understand. Instead of being a wisdom keeper, imagine you are a wisdom go-finder. Imagine that every cell has an infinite capacity to Google everything. Each cell’s take on that everything is just one cell different. Imagine the capacity to download infinity and let your cells align to that possibility.

 Imagine that your cells have access to every secret that’s ever been secret-ed, that there are no mysteries. Your cells do not have the mental constructs that filter wisdom, so therefore your cells are like sponges accessing beyond the dimensions, wisdom that’s un-catalog-able, that is not organizable in the way you think, you think.

 Fill yourself with more and more with innate wisdom and the capacity for natural, innate, universal wisdom, wisdom beyond thinking.

 Be sure this journey is very much part of your body. It’s a cellular access.

 In many ways you may feel as if the electro-magnetic field around you has shifted perhaps just a half a degree or so, but that half a degree aligns you to something that you’ve been misaligned with, this natural, deep, instinctive, vast knowing.

 The alignment is growing.

 Please let your old mental constructs be superseded. Keep moving into your cellular knowing rather than your mental constructs. Let this be a physical absorption of innate wisdom.

 Pay attention. How does your body feel different? Are you shinier? Are you porous? Are you expanded yet crisper? How would you describe these physical gateways of wisdom? Has the sense of contentment been expanded, a sense of quiet certainty?

 Your mental capacity has been your greatest friend and biggest detractor. Think of your mental capacity as a filing system. Once you get a filing system set up, all the information you get goes into that sort of filing system. If you add different files, everything would be different. The same information may come in but you’ll put it in a somewhat different way. No matter what you do with your mental constructs, it’s a filing system and it limits the liberation, the freedom of coalescing new ideas and holding not just the wisdom of information but the power of it as well. In the natural way every thought has an energy, an intuitive thought has a power for its action.

 Because humans for so long have brought things into their filing system, the energy has been scraped from the thoughts and the energy for fruition is no longer part of the information or the data. All knowledge also has energy for creation. The creativity has been pulled away, stripped away from humanity. Your mental structures get stronger and stronger and your abilities as creation beings have diminished.

 Although we call this the gateways of wisdom, it is really a reopening of humanity as creator beings in love and in compassion.

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