Mark: Meditation for Quantum Love and Creativity

Welcome to the kaleidoscope of being. This is Mark. 

Everything you can conceive of, when it comes from your heart, is the right thing at the right time. Invite your otherwise busy ego, the one that loves to make you wrong, to make you guilty, to make you second guess, to take a back seat to the spontaneous knowing of your spirit. You have been given gifts of consciousness. You’ve been given skills that you cannot even enumerate. Those skills are breathtaking lights for humanity. 

We begin with the essence of the kaleidoscope, where you are the center of the moment, but you see prisms of ever flowing, ever changing kaleidoscope of realities.

 Imagine now that you are the beautiful patterns in a kaleidoscope. With little turns, all kinds of flowers and forms and patterns create themselves, each one temporary, each one beautiful, never to be repeated, not to be held on to, because the next turn brings another beautiful, breathtaking pattern. See your life as the infinite beauty of a kaleidoscope. You must make the turn. You must turn it a few degrees each time, turn everything upside down. Be in awe and appreciation of what unfolds in the moment.

 Beyond the kaleidoscope is the place that you know as the 8th dimension, the place of quantum consciousness. What we hope to accomplish with this is that juxtaposition of the quantum nothingness and the organic ever-changing beauty of the patterns. When they’re brought together, something entirely new is created.

 Take yourself to that stillness, to the silence that calls forth even more silence. It is a placid place, a deep connection. This state might feel shiny because there is luminosity here. There’s a silence of light rather than the silence of darkness.

 In your quantum physics you talk of black holes which absorb all matter and energy and you hypothesize white holes in which that matter is spewed out into an unknown universe. Imagine yourself in that white birthing place. Imagine it as the whiteness, the stillness of anti-matter.

 Let yourself expand. There are no rules or structures. There’s only openness and more expansion.  Go ahead and lose your orientation. Lose yourself, or what you thought was yourself.  Let this space cleanse you; cleanse you of past and future, bringing you to the infinite now. Let the space itself reformat you like an old magnetic tape that is being erased, cleared, cleaned.

 You may feel a growing brightness, a brightness that happens sometimes in the sky after a rain. Deep resistance, deep places of being stuck are melting away. You find yourself quietly and solidly in the present infinite moment.

 There aren’t really words for this place, but it’s bright, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s clean, it’s clear, it’s love. It feels complete.

 The quietness is seeping into your cells, into your mind, into your mental structure, giving them a new pattern, a pattern of openness and clarity. Feel this moving, re-patterning your cells, your thoughts, your beliefs, cleaning everything, changing everything to this quantum stillness.

 One thing we hope you notice is that as the realities set up and tumble and then disappear into another reality, that there’s no holding on to any particular reality, any particular structure. There’s just the unattached witness of the beauty that unfolds, and then the ooh and ah as more beauty unfolds. There is no one reality, one picture of the future, one picture of the now that’s perfect. They all fold into each other. Move so that you are a witness to the beauty. You are awestruck by the patterns playing out. Let this un-structure you.

 Let yourself be cleaned and cleared of expectations. There’s no one pattern that’s better than another. Let the shifts, the opening, the cleaning, the un-stressing of expectations move into your body.

 Find that that quantum peace, that bright stillness, expanded and deep. Reality is there for you. It’s hardwired into your cells now. It’s not a journey you take or a meditation you do. The presence of this quantum reality, this quantum love is there in your cells.

 Remind yourself of your breathing. For a few minutes be still and notice how you feel differently inside yourself.

 There is a restructuring of how you can think, so your old way of your thoughts being sequential, being so connected to some old thought that you go down the same old ruts. This opens new pathways in your thinking so that your thinking is wired more broadly with much more acceptance and much less structure, because structure always goes to the past. It always goes to some past hurt or pain or memory or good thing. Blast open your mental structures so that you can be a spontaneous receiver of wisdom from the universe and not intercept everything with your steel trap mind that takes the universal wisdom and molds it to fit old structures of how you think. The best you can get is more evidence for what you’ve always had.

 Can any of you feel the release of power when you let go of the structure? What we know is that the boxes that you have your thoughts structured in become ruts, become channels in your brain where if you have this triggered it always goes into this box. Those boxes themselves require a lot of energy to hold them together. They’re always based on past programming and also collective pain. When you open up the structures, which is always difficult to trick you into doing, it releases phenomenal power for spontaneous reaction, spontaneous receiving of a greater width of universal signals than you would allow before. As we work with this there will be more energy, more spontaneous creativity that is at your fingertips.

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