Mark: Meditation for Transformation

Welcome to the X-Games.

We are looking at great transformation as the theme from now until the end of the year. 

In the next several months you may notice your personality habits letting go of their grip and your soul patterns making themselves more manifest. Your soul personality will become stronger, more expressive, your small personality less intrusive. 

You float in a graceful peacefulness without anchors or references.

 Sit in the space of truth, releasing all chains that bind you, all thoughts that constrain you.

 Notice a glittering light. There is a light that is alive, a fire, as if you are moving into a fire consciousness. It’s warm. It does not burn. The light is dynamic, alive, sentient, and wise.

 This fire doesn’t so much melt you as strengthen what you are. It exposes your core essence in a fundamentally beautiful way. It calls forth your wisdom, your perfection as a being. It lifts you out of the rubble of earth life into a grander state. You are the fire. You are the possibilities. We’ll be silent as this begins and furthers an alchemical process. Trust your own part of this journey.

 You might feel as if this fire’s vitality is communicating directly within your cells. It’s as if the cells are mirroring its intelligence. It is deeply clarifying.

 You might imagine as when butter is clarified, the cloudy part goes to the bottom and a clear, golden butter goes to the top. Find that this heat, this alchemical fire is creating a clarification in you, a separation of that which is too dense for the future you choose, an enlightening, and a strengthening of the golden light of your most holy essence.

 Keep surrendering, keep expanding, and keep feeling loose so that the wisdom of this firing process can move forward without your resistance or blockages.

 Remember to let your breathing be natural.

 The being that arises from this clarification process is more clearly you than you have ever felt. It is you without the costumes and the masks. It is you more proudly beautiful than you have allowed yourself to be. It is you arisen, arising, unconditionally strong, uncompromisingly you, the greater you, this you that transcends all lifetimes, you the Phoenix. Let it in, deeply in, into your wounds, into your secret places.

 Put your hands open in a position of receiving, hands cupped, receiving, open, letting your heart and chest be open, your breathing free and clear, your inner eyes strengthened.

 It is only when you hold the true essence of your magnificence, clarified and cleaned of all that is small, can you truly hold radiating compassion. For if your vessel is not clean and clear the compassion is tainted. It has willfulness in it.

 With the gentle guidance of your grand soul and all the beings who look after you, who love you and support you, let compassion that you have never known before, qualities of compassion that you could only hope for, let them all come into your being seeded there to become a radiant furnace of compassion’s fire from this moment on. For the next 10 minutes this work will be done in silence, compassion’s fire, firing from your spirit.

 Keep your hands open to receive.

 Take a deep breath, breathing it deeply all the way to your feet. Feel an easy radiance about you, an automatic radiance. This is compassion far above emotion. It’s touching into compassion that’s beyond a human interactive tool. It is stepping into the compassion of Masters.

 You have now entered a peer group that can hold the fire of compassion, radiating it automatically, a clarified group, a group selected by the alchemy of transformation.

 This process will continue much like a chemistry project. We ask you for the next 7 days until we meet again to set forth 7 minutes religiously to be in this place, to feel the automatic radiance, the fire of compassion, to let it integrate and become cellular. 7 minutes a day, that’s all we ask. Much more of the baser elements that have created your struggles and your fears are going to be transcended. Feel the cellular clarification, the emotional clarification, the mental clarification.

 Stay in this space. The fire of compassion is the gateway to wisdom.

 As you move forward you will sense the malleable, dreamlike qualities of this physical reality. You will sense more than ever the strong and solid reality of the spiritual planes. You will be more plugged into spirit and less to struggle. Can you feel that already? There is something that has shifted within you.

 Human consciousness has been as if a blanket of snow has covered it, yet that very snow provides the liquid for the earliest spring flowers to push up through the snow.

 Let all of this integrate. Lift everything about you into this new plane rather than going back to where you were. Let this be a new space, walking away from that which has limited you.

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